The Best SEO Tools for Business Growth and Digital Marketing


Search engine optimization is an important part of the digital marketing strategy of any business. Whether it is a small company or a large corporation, increasing organic traffic should be one of the main goals on the table. 

We’ve gathered the best SEO tools out there that help grow a business and are indispensable for improving your digital marketing career. There are both free and paid-for solutions in this list that serve different purposes. 

SEO Instruments for Growing Your Business

SEO uses various methods to increase website traffic to put it simply. The aim is to optimize content and technical performance so that a page appears higher on search results. For example, the incorporation of relevant keywords can get your recent blog post up to the top 5 results. So when people are looking for information organically, they will find it with no effort. 

Technical SEO takes care of different aspects of website performance, such as loading speed, broken links, and backlinks. Content SEO focuses on shaping, creating, and delivering relevant and high-quality content to the audience. 

Both of these parts work together based on the data and insights specific tools can provide. 

The benefits of incorporating SEO into your digital marketing strategy include: 

  • Getting insight into visitors’ behavior on the page; 
  • Reaching the target audience; 
  • Increasing overall organic traffic; 
  • Evaluation of competitors’ websites and performance; 
  • Optimization of technical performance; 
  • Boosting brand awareness and recognition. 

Here are the best tools to use for building an SEO strategy. 

Google Analytics

This is fundamental software every business needs. It is free and shows all the essential metrics. Here you’ll get all the data on website visitors and their interaction with pages. For instance, when they tend to leave the site. This indicates some changes that need to be applied. 

It also shows what marketing strategy works best and what drives the most conversions and leads. One can analyze what pages do best in terms of visitors and apply the same tactics to other ones. 


This is a professional all-in-one software that covers all SEO and content marketing needs. It is incredibly popular among marketers because it offers great functionality, including: 

  • Keyword research and ranking; 
  • Site performance audit; 
  • Backlinks analysis; 
  • Competitor websites analysis; 
  • Automated on-page SEO evaluation; 
  • Data on organic traffic.

There is also a huge database of keywords separated by industries and spheres one can use. One can also benefit from comparing two domains (your and one of your competitors) to see how they perform. This allows the implementation of the most efficient tactics to beat the competition. 


Ahrefs is another multi-purpose tool with impressive functionality. With this software, you can analyze your website and research competitors as well. As an example, your competitor might use a keyword you do not utilize to drive a lot of traffic. By analyzing their website, you can find new opportunities and trends. 

This tool helps to improve the backlinking strategy and find any errors on the page. 

One can use it for finding relevant keywords and content ideas, running a website audit, or even monitoring social media mentions. 

Screaming Frog

When it comes to technical SEO, this one is among the top products to use. It works as a website crawler that analyzes all the metrics and finds possible issues. 

It is available for free in a basic version. The advanced functionality is available for paid licenses. The main features are: 

  • Crawl all the pages of your website for audit (up to 500 pages for free); 
  • Check internal links; 
  • Check broken links and server errors;
  • Scan other websites as well (competitors); 
  • Find duplicates; 
  • Analyze titles, meta tags, headers, and descriptions.

It is very handy to manage any issues that might occur and influence the search engine ranking of the site. 

INK for All

This software serves another purpose. It is an AI-based writing tool for content creation. After all, it is not only about technical aspects but also about providing top-notch content for the audience. 

INK for All allows the creation of SEO copies that drive more traffic and endorse user engagement. The software is easy to use as it has a scoring system so one can optimize content while working on it. It analyzes the keyword use and volume based on the text length. And it offers valuable suggestions as well. 


Moz includes several services, such as: 

  • MozPro – multi-functional software; 
  • MozBar – a browser extension for backlinking, DA, and spam score; 
  • MozLocal – citations audit and mentions of the brand online.

MozPro offers great functionality for building an SEO and digital marketing strategy. It shows the website’s ranking on search engines, domain authority, and backlinks analysis. Here professionals can do keyword research, evaluate other websites, and audit pages for performance and potential issues. 

To maximize the results, it is common to use all three products at the same time as they serve different goals. 


This is a simple yet effective and free tool for keyword research. You can type in one or two words and get lots of related results. So, for instance, you can form long-tail keywords (they are usually much easier to rank higher for). Or you can uncover new content ideas based on the results. 

It is a perfect solution to enrich your keyword usage and find the best opportunities to drive traffic to the page. 

Answer The Public

It is a free website for discovering content opportunities. For example, you need to find a new topic to cover in your business blog. You can type in a keyphrase and get a tree of related searches of users. The information is based on what people are looking for. So you can find subjects you haven’t considered or the ones that are undercovered. 


Woorank is amazing when it comes to marketing data reporting. It has both free and paid-for versions, which is a plus for small businesses looking to cut their budget. It helps in understanding how different keywords rank in search engines with time and what different sites use. The software also has some technical features like finding duplicate content, broken links, and potential security issues. 

Bottom Line

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing. With a proper strategy built on data, a business can significantly grow its online presence and follow. It helps attract potential customers in an organic way with content and website optimization.

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