Eight Best Selling Seo Hacks That Can Beat Down Your Competitors


Do you know the best selling SEO hacks to beat your competitors? If not, don’t worry we have added 8 best practices for you. Are you observing the evolutions around the globe? Did you bother pondering over and benefitting from it? The world around us has turned digital as the vast majority of lives revolve around technology-driven devices. Advancement in technology has evolved in almost every sector and has also changed many business practices.

Digital marketing is ever-changing and smart marketers are those who stay abreast of the on-going trends. Brands realize that a strong presence on the Internet is essential to survive in today’s business world. Thus, they are hiring competent digital marketers to build an interactive online image. A marketer needs to use SEO strategies prudently, keeping the brand and target audience into consideration. For instance, an HVAC digital marketing & SEO strategy will be different from other industries in planning and implementation. Trends in SEO have evolved in the past few years, and various techniques have emerged, which have made the SEO game stronger.

SEO Hacks to Beat Competitors

SEO is the procedure of altering your website’s content so that the search engine displays it among the top search results. People tend to explore web pages that search engines display on the first page, and rarely do they go for other pages.

Marketing has always been the keystone of a business, and in today’s computerized world, digital marketing has seeped its roots deep. Search engine optimization, which people generally refer to as SEO, is a significant component of online marketing, and a compelling SEO strategy puts the brand on the path to success.

Businesses thrive on sales, and SEO hacks can help make a business flourish. The following are a few bestselling SEO hacks that can put your company ahead of your competitors:

1. Uncover Valuable Keywords

Keywords are a vital element of SEO strategy as proper usage helps land plenty of people on your webpage. A lot of conversation takes place on social forums, and closely monitoring related social media will help you discover some gems. Social media will give you an in-depth insight into the queries and issues people have about your industry. Using commonly used words, create content covering your sector’s FAQs and publish it on your website. It will give your site a distinct image of addressing common issues and providing purposive information.

2. Monitor Video and Image Listings

The role of image, video, and gif has risen exponentially in the last few years. A meaningful four-second- GIF has the potential to bring more business than a four-minute commercial. As a digital marketer, you need to keep an eye on image and video listings and incorporate visuals with higher rankings to bring more people to your website. Several tools on the Internet give you an option of tracking image and video rankings that, too, from all significant search engines.

3. Friendly UI and UX Design

Cluttered websites do not have a pleasing effect on users, and they tend to move away to other options. A user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, is preferable, and can turn a user into a customer. On the other hand, website designs also have a substantial impact and are one of the deciding factors if a user would like to surf it or not. A creative digital marketer considers the target audience while designing a website and opts for the configuration that coordinates well with all platforms.

4. Ensure NAP Consistency

Brands need to have their name, address, and phone number (NAP) published on their website. You need to make sure that your information on all websites is correct. Contrariety in NAP is a hindrance in having organic traffic as the websites listing your webpage have wrong information, and it will drive users away. Several tracking software assist in identifying your citation, and a wise step is to contact the site owner in case of a mistake. Weeding out NAP consistency is one of the ignored SEO hacks, but it can increase traffic by leaps and bounds.

5. Curate Customers’ Testimonials

Having customer proof on the Internet is like verifying online that you are trustworthy and reputable. Building links with other related web pages, encouraging customers to leave reviews, and publishing case studies on your website can boost SEO and indirectly bring many users to your webpage.

6. Reinforce Your Brand

Improving brand visibility and raising awareness of your brand is necessary to stay in the game. Every other day a similar company emerges and further toughens the competition. Digital marketers need to devise different strategies to increase brand awareness as it not only hikes up SEO ranking but also has a positive effect on conversions. Publishing engaging content that makes people return to your website keeps your site higher in position and helps build a strong presence.

7. Manage Infographic

Displaying infographics can double up your traffic as users can process visual data in a relatively shorter time. Moreover, a single infographic can reveal much more information than text comprising two or more lines. Wise digital marketers create infographics for the website display it on other social media forums and persuade users to explore the brand’s site.

8. Take Advantage Of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging paves the way for opportunities for people to discover your brand. Writing high-quality blogs for other websites, and leaving your links in the content, drive people onto your website. If your website has valuable content, people will most likely return and recommend you to their social circle. Having super-quality content is the key to taking leverage of guest blogging.


In the contemporary business world, SEO is on every business owner’s mind as it has the strength to beat competitors down. Digital marketers keep innovating different SEO strategies, and while not all of them may strengthen the brand, some techniques manage to help the business stand out. Marketing is essential to keep a brand in the market, and SEO has become an integral aspect of today’s marketing world.

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