Some of The Best Photo Collage Maker That You Can Download for Free


Nowadays, people love to take photos and videos to post them on their social media accounts. They like to compile pictures and show them to the world that they have the best photos. While some people want to take tons of photos, it might be a hassle to post multiple pictures. Now, some apps enable you to make a collage of your favorite images.

With the limit on how many pictures people can showcase at one time, a photo collage is a great technique to show people as many photos as possible. It’s a great form of art that tells a story through chosen images. There are also many newbies when it comes to phone photography who want to try collage-making, but they fear that it might be disastrous. While the apps in this list are helpful, you can also check out more free collage maker apps.

Google Photos

One of the underdogs of free collage makers of photos that you can use on your phone is Google Photos. Mainly, it works as “your images portfolio on Google.” However, its mobile app allows you to make your photo collages.

Currently, Google Photos can only provide users with different six collage templates. People can also choose up to nine images for the layout of their collages. Although there is a limit to the option for collage-making, using this app is pretty straightforward. It is perfect for individuals who have no idea about photo editing.

This app is also available for both Android devices and iOS. Consequently, there is an online version that you may visit through your computer’s browser.

Layout From Instagram

If what you need is a straightforward and simple method of making a photo collage, then Layout is the app that you might want to download. The people who made this app are the same people behind Instagram, and it also provides the ability to make impressive photo collages easily.

This app is also user-friendly. As the name suggests, its most definite advantage is giving the users the ability to explore the layouts of collage pretty easily. However, it does not have a lot of photo editing and collage-making tools like other apps, but it has the right tools that you need to create professional-looking images. If you want to download Layout, it is available on your Android and iOS devices for free.


If you need many layouts and fun editing options that you can choose from when creating your collage, you might want to try PhotoGrid. It gives you access to more than 300 layouts for collage and many fun editing options. There are many filters that you can pick, like a filter that can transform your landscape collage to look like an old film reel or a painting.

One feature that makes this app unique is that you can choose a layout that depends on its aspect ratio. From 1:1 to a ratio of 5:7, determine the layout format depending on where you want to post that photo collage. Another feature that makes PhotoGrip stand out is the feature called Scrapbook. This feature allows background settings for the photo collage, adding captions, and picking fun stickers.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the list of free photo collage makers, you can now start using these apps to edit and make your photo collage. These apps are handy if you like to post photos on your social media accounts.

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