The Top 10 Jobs for MBA Graduates Can Look Forward To


Do you know what are the best jobs for MBA graduates? Here we are sharing the most important top 10 jobs any MBA graduate can apply for. An MBA degree can quite literally open doors for many of its graduates, and studying in an MBA program from a reputable establishment can do even more.

One potentially negative aspect of an MBA though is the cost. Whether you are a more mature student who has already got a career or not, an MBA degree is a big financial investment.

There are establishments that offer thorough MBA degrees part-time, like Hult International Business School, so that students can work and study at the same time which can be a huge financial help, but even so, the pressure of getting a return on your investment can be a big factor that puts many successful students off of getting an MBA.

What are the Best Jobs for MBA Graduates?

The good news is that by obtaining your MBA degree, you can then be in with the chance to obtain a better salary and get back your investment.

1. Financial Manager ($120,000)

An MBA graduate is the ideal candidate for making a good financial manager. The job description of this role means that you would be looking over the finances including the transactions and activity of a company to help that company inform their budget decisions.

It is also up to the financial manager to look over important financial matters such as raising capital, handling investments/mergers or acquisitions, and assessing all transactions. The median salary of a financial manager is around $120,000.

2. Investment Banker ($80,000)

The job of an investment banker is to help raise money in markets such as equity and debt. These professionals also give advice to businesses about different types of financial transactions.

It is hard to say exactly how much an investment banker can earn due to commissions that investment bankers are entitled to, but the median salary comes in at around $80,000.

3. IT Director ($130,000)

An IT Director is the go-to person for handling all computing resources for a business, and these industry professionals are in high demand as they are needed no matter what industry or business you work in.

IT directors manage, strategize, and execute the IT infrastructure for a business, and as an IT director, the median salary is around $130,000.

4. Investment Fund Manager ($120,000)

As an Investment Fund Manager, it would be your job to offer financial advice and help with the investment of money regarding businesses and individuals.

These investments are made in stock markets, housing, and other various markets and include complex ideas. The median salary for an investment fund manager is around $120,000.

5. Marketing Manager ($127,560)

A marketing manager helps businesses expand into new markets and reach new target customers/continue to appeal to their current customer base. The job overall means improving business and sales and making the business more profitable.

This means marketing managers are tasked with spotting trends, finding opportunities, estimating and measuring demand, and conceptualizing marketing campaigns and strategies.

6. Sales Manager ($117,960)

The role of a sales manager means that it is up to them to find and recommend ways to improve sales and procedures of the business they work for, as well as improve sales performances, set quotas and objectives, and create promotions.

7. Entrepreneur ($100,000+)

Many MBA graduates go on to establish and run their own businesses, and this means coming up with a good idea and then executing it.

A good idea fills a gap in the market, and that is the best way to run a sustainable business, amongst other things. This role entails formulating and sticking to a business plan, marketing, good people skills, and investment skills.

8. Chief Technology Officer ($150,000)

These industry professionals come up with the technical projection of a business and oversee aspects of tech development within the company.

As well as managing the teams across their tech departments, these people also overlook research, development, and projects.

9. Health Services Manager ($95,000)

The healthcare industry is ever-expanding, and as such, it is one that needs industry professionals to make sure the business and inside practices run like clockwork.

Health managers ensure that companies adhere to regulations and look over the work that doctors, technicians, and clerical workers do to make sure they are not violating the rules, and they may overlook entire departments at any one time.

10. Management Consultant ($80,000+)

High-end management consultants make sure companies have a focused direction to keep up with their industry and ahead of it too.

Normally specializing in one specific industry, they help companies increase profit and productivity as well as provide advice to chiefs in the business and other top execs.

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