The 7 Best Instagram Scheduler Apps

Best Social Media Posting and Scheduling Tools


More often than naught, you’ll have people talking about how to amplify one’s social reach. How to gain an edge over your contemporaries in such cutthroat competition. To be a successful blogger, writer, business person, or freelancer you have to bring your followers under your umbrella, and for this Best Instagram Scheduler Apps are available. Schedule Instagram posts​ ​to maintain a constant connection with your followers.

Almost 90% of the 14-25-year-old demographic with Internet services at their disposal is active on Instagram. Thus you can use Instagram as your whistleblower. The more your followers, the more your online reach and the quicker you’ll rise on the ladder of recognition. You need an Instagram Scheduler ​​to assist you in managing your affairs on Instagram.

7 Best Instagram Planners​

Here are the 6 best Instagram Planners​ ​ to propel you forward in your ambitions.

1. Tailwind

One of the best automated Instagram scheduling apps, Tailwind’s salient feature is that it automatically suggests to you the hashtag that is associated with your posts. Hashtags even the flow of your post online, enabling it to roam freely on the platform under the identity of your niche.

The app automates Instagram posts, which means they are published directly. In the Post Inspector Area, you can keep track of the number of interactions and engagement your posts garnered and the likes and comments each post received. This will give you an idea of the kind of stuff your audience fiddles with.


1) Post statistics.
2) Schedules for the best time to post
3) Can be paired with Pinterest.
4) iOS App
5) Can maintain multiple accounts


1) Not an Android Instagram Planner​ ​ app.


Tailwind post scheduler​ charges you for its services. $9.99 per month for bloggers and small-scale business setups while $799 per month for fully-fledged corporations.

2. Later

A free Instagram scheduling app​​ Later provides you the benefit of being available on multiple platforms. It tailors an appropriate schedule and then follows it for publishing your posts. You can upload your content and, staying true to its name, post it at a later date. Basically, it notifies you like an alarm clock and directs you to Instagram where your post is ready to be published.

Though not the most convenient Instagram Scheduling app, it keeps your Instagram up to date. A free subscription allows you to plan 30 posts a month. All this is made possible by the visual calendar that offers you a tonne of amazing and unique features.
Not all are available on the free version.


1) Post-analysis and research.
2) Can be partnered with other social media platforms.
3) Available on Desktop, Internet, and as a mobile app as a straightforward post​ scheduler.


1) It doesn’t intrinsically automate Instagram posts ​.
2) Captions to your posts are not carried forward to the finished product that is ready to be uploaded on a planned date.

Pricing – 

You can reap the benefits of the free subscription for eternity. But a free subscription often limits the ambit of what you can do with Later.

A paid subscription comes with a collection of useful features, and the permission to add more social media profiles, and is priced at $9 per month and $84 per annum. One of the most user-friendly apps that post on Instagram for you ​.

3. Buffer

The free version of Buffer can schedule and send posts to Twitter, Instagram,
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It has an inbuilt algorithm that calculates default time slots after extracting data about the times during the day when social media users are most active. However, Buffer does empower the user to bend these default time settings as per requirement. Its interface is malleable enough for convenient usage.

Buffer provides post suggestions to its users and gives information on the number of likes, comments, mentions, and interactions. The RSS feed is made available that lists all the necessary information regarding Instagram scheduling​ and audience engagement.


1) Available on Browser, mobile, and Newsreader.
2) Post Analysis
3) Empower you to republish previous posts.


1) You need to upgrade your plan in order to enjoy the benefits of visual calendar features. The upgraded plan also updates you with links from your preferred websites.

Pricing​ –

The free plan schedules Instagram posts​​ for up to 10 posts at one go. The upgraded plan i.e. the Awesome plan charges its user $10 per month for features such as a visual calendar and additional social media profiles.

4. Hootsuite

Not an auto-post Instagram​ app, Hootsuite allows planning of content publishing and notifies you when it’s time for you to publish a particular post.

For this, you have to install its app and link your Instagram profile to it. Quite like Later, the Hootsuite post scheduler enables you to prepare a clockwork for only 30 posts a month.
Reasonable enough if you’re an individual user or a small-sized group endeavor.

The free version doesn’t cater to you with the visual calendar and limits scheduled messages to a list.


1) Real-time analytics
2) Available as an app.
3) Easy to use for beginners.
4) Has enough room for bulk scheduling.


1) Lack of visual calendar on the free version

Pricing​ –

The upgraded version on Hootsuite is the Professional account priced at $29 per month. It unlocks the daily, weekly, and monthly planning grids. The most casual app to schedule Instagram posts ​.

5. Agorapulse

One of the more advanced automated apps that posts on Instagram​ for you, Agorapulse is present on both iOS and Android platforms.

The app has a meticulously programmed framework in case you want to add numerous social media accounts to it. It brews reports on Fans, followers, Inbox, listing, and interactions. The Listening tab on Agorapulse keeps track of the statuses of hashtags online thus pinpointing the hashtags you should add to your post.

An additional feature, rather a salient feature of Agorapulse is that it allows censoring of comments and management of Instagram mentions which rescues hours of your valuable time. It also makes it possible for you to republish a former post.


1) Advanced analytics.
2) Auto posts on Instagram.
3) Has an impeccably interfaced visual calendar.


Not any. This is almost the perfect Instagram Planner ​.

Pricing –

With advanced features come skyrocketing prices. Agorapulse charges exorbitant rates for its monthly subscriptions. The $49 per month supports one user and 3 social media profiles while the $99 per month has room for 10 profiles and three users.

6. Falcon

Falcon delivers a lesson in schooling on ‘How to schedule Instagram posts. This Application is interfaced to be compatible with Instagram and Facebook. You can upload carousels of posts and Falcon allows you to schedule them as per your needs as well as keep track of engagements.

You can store all your content in Falcon’s version of a shared media library called the ‘Content Pool’. If you run a team of users, Falcon enables you to distribute roles, approval processes, and an audit trail to enhance the quality of content.


1) Post analytics
2) Enlists RSS feeds.
3) You can utilize its plethora of templates and filters.
4) Has an advanced Content Calendar.
5) You can receive notifications and emails through Falcon.


Hardly any! A complete Instagram Planner ​.

Pricing​ –

Falcon post scheduler​ has two plans, the Essential one for single users and small-scale business and the Full Suite for mammoth organizations and their efficient planning schemes. Essential plans start at $129 while the Full Suite is a customisable package. Price varies as you add and detract features.

7. Planoly

Planoly app is another simple-to-use Instagram Planner that enables users to manage their posts and content visually before posting it on Instagram. Users have the facility to haul and drop their pictures and videos around to create a visual preview before they post it on their Instagram profile feed.

The application is one of the few free Instagram scheduling apps. Planoly makes it easy to plan out one’s social media for months in advance. There are numerous features to revel in like tagging, writing captions, hashtagging, and adding locations. It also collects data, analyses it, and calculates the time when your followers are most active on your Instagram account. It has been furnished to be an automated posting app.


1) Auto-posting of multiple posts.
2) You can add multiple profiles.
3) Detailed analytics.
4) Allows you to add links to documents.


1) You cannot republish previous posts.
2) Doesn’t have a visual calendar.
3) Cannot prepare a database for hashtags.

Pricing –

Even though available as a free Instagram Scheduler, the real benefits of Planoly are enjoyed on the subscribed versions. With every profile, you add you’ll have to up the price you pay for your monthly package. The expanded versions are basic-priced at $29 per month.

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