Best Graphic Design Elements Going Into 2019


What are the best graphic design elements? The world nowadays is obsessed with visuals. From eye-popping imagery shared all over social media to the stunning programs seen on TV, film, and online streaming platforms. There seems to be a need to stimulate people through photos and videos that they’ll remember even after the initial sighting. Because of this, graphic designers are now more pressured to create some of the most scene-stealing content for their various clients. They need to have them capture people’s attention and create a solid impact so that they won’t be forgotten. Today, the advertising world, as well as the creative industries, are more competitive because of this.

Although it pays to be unique, there’s still something to be said about adhering to certain design trends. In 2019, there are specific elements that have become extremely popular and can, more or less, assure popularity. While such elements are common and used by most graphic designers, you can still put your own spin on them for a more unique look.

Here are the Best Graphic Design Elements Coming into 2019.

In this article we are going to see the best elements of graphic design.

Vivid Color Blocking

There’s no denying the nostalgia for anything 80s and 90s. From fashion to TV and film, all sorts of creative industries are hopping on the bandwagon of presenting content that harkens back to those times. The same can be said with graphic design, particularly with their currently popular use of vivid color blocking. The 1980s and 1990s were times when colors were unapologetically played with. They were bright and vivid, and colors that didn’t seem to work together were paired to create stunning visuals. Graphic designers repeat the same principles in creating images today. The brighter and more vivid they are, the more likely they’ll be getting attention, be it good or bad.

3D Features and Details

A lot of people nowadays are more into 3D effects and imagery. Although this design element has been prevalent in the past, recently, it received quite a boom in popularity again. There’s just something about adding dimension to an image, or even just a feature on the image, that gives more depth to the overall aesthetic. Whether it’s the lettering or other characters in the image, a 3D effect has since pulled people’s attention and made quite an impact. This coming 2019, this design element is bound to only grow in popularity, with more and more images containing it spreading across social media.


2018 was the year that imperfection became the highlight among countless fields. Perfection, for a lot of people, is now passé, and it’s all about embracing the slightly crooked or the imbalanced. This also applies in graphic design, where asymmetry has taken over. Before, clients would hound the designers to make their images as symmetric and perfect-looking as possible. But now, all bets are off. The more asymmetric an image looks, the more it’s bound to steal attention and become more popular. The impact lies in its imperfection, and how it can still capture the eyes even with its imbalanced elements.

Delicate and Dainty Touches

Piggyback-riding on the popularity of nostalgia, a lot of graphic designers nowadays are putting delicate and dainty touches on their works. It’s not necessarily a feminine touch, but rather a hand-drawn element that harkens back to those beautiful and simple 2D times. There’s a sort of juxtaposition happening in graphic design nowadays, as both 3D and 2D elements are extremely popular. But for the 2D side, it’s not simply trotting out flat imagery, as it’s about creating hand-drawn elements for a more vintage and tender feel. Remember those sweet cartoon shows you used to watch? It’s sort of like adding elements from them and putting them into your contemporary works.

Art Deco

The love for art deco doesn’t necessarily stem from nostalgia, but rather a need for sleek and slick style. The 1920s were, in fact, an extremely forward-thinking era as a lot of design elements of the time are still embraced today and relatively looks more futuristic than what’s presented nowadays. It’s all about the clean lines, the sleek characteristics, and the dazzling color palette of black, white, and gold, with hints of dark teal and rich shades of plum. No one can deny the elegance and sophistication this design element brings to an image, which is why it’s most popular for fashion-related projects.

Never underestimate the power of a great design element. This can ultimately be the one where your image becomes the most shared on Facebook or the most liked on Instagram. As visuals become more and more important nowadays, graphic design trends are more diverse than ever before. going into 2019, these five mentioned cannot be more different from each other, yet all are commonly popular and trendy. Adding one or two to your image is guaranteed to skyrocket your work’s popularity.

Anthony Ong is a freelance lifestyle writer. He’s contributed pieces for various online platforms, such as articles about graphic design for Pixel Papa and fashion and style for Humble & Rich Boutique.