Content Marketing Strategy: Commonly Overlooked Aspects


Do you have the best content marketing strategy for your business? If yes, don’t read this. But if you don’t have you must read it to increase your brand awareness.

In recent times, content marketing has been the primary aspect of advertisements of any sort. Since the dawn of digital marketing, content has been a key deciding factor in a brand’s success and outreach. Not only does it prove efficient, but its cost-effectiveness has also rendered it one of the primary go-to options for content markets and business owners alike.

However, in strategizing that content, some aspects often go overlooked. Not only do they have the ability to elevate your brand, but they can also provide additional support as far as brand identity is concerned. Nevertheless, the addition of these elements requires an acute understanding of their core benefits. Let us break them down individually.

1. Visual Representation

Visual representation of your content can help your brand find sure footing in the ever-competitive market. Consider this: if you present stats, then users would grip that information better if you present it along with visual representation. If you want to present your brand’s yearly progress, you may want to incorporate a line graph, bar chart, or histogram.

Additionally, pictures and illustrations about the content you are writing can help your audience grasp the knowledge you are trying to pass on better. This is why it is essential to incorporate the visual medium into your texts. Additionally, content with visual representation is more likely to urge users to share it on social media or other platforms.

2. Video Incorporation

Another overlooked facet of content creation is videos. Even though well-written content can draw an audience, video content is essential in portraying information. For example, explainer videos about a product or service can help a brand in numerous ways. One, it helps viewers understand the product better, which may urge them to buy or endorse it. Two, it might help provide meaningful insight into your company and brand collectively.

In addition, viewers are more likely to retain the information they gather from a video. Statistics prove that recent years have seen a marginal decrease in the average human attention span, which is 8 seconds per capita. Bearing that information in mind, you have a small window to capture your viewer or reader’s attention and imagination. Moreover, video content is statistically the most prominent tool in digital marketing, therefore incorporating it into your content only adds to the credibility.

3. Social Media Feedback Process

Some content marketers and business owners are too busy with content creation for blogs or websites. So much so that they forget to incorporate one of the most beneficial platforms available: social media. Not only does it allow you to gather feedback regarding your web or blog content, but it also allows direct interaction with your readers. Bear in mind that a reader or viewer is a potential customer, and must be treated like one.

Therefore, it is imperative to gather their feedback and comply with it. One of the primary benefits of social media feedback is that it enables you timely and acute improvement in your product, service, and content. For example, a simple “what would you like to see/read” kind of poll or thread can help you gather important information regarding content creation. This is why social media feedback about content is one of the most overlooked aspects.


Content creation is an art, which is why one must treat it as such. You can create a Wikipedia page for your company; however, it is futile unless you can gather valuable feedback regarding it. Additionally, sublimely written content for the website is rendered useless if you have no visual representation available. Therefore, it is imperative that you incorporate these overlooked facets of content marketing to help you plant your foot in the ever-growing digital market.

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