5 Languages to Learn If you Want to Become a Global Citizen


Do you know how to become a global citizen? A few decades ago, the most prolific language in the world was English, with French and German following right behind. These were the most commonly spoken and studied languages of the world, and being able to speak them fluently was seen as a mark of intelligence.

But in this day and age, a variety of other languages are rising to the top. With new-found economic prosperity and cultural development, a lot of countries are gaining attention and so are their languages. This has caused many global organizations such as the UN, to identify these languages and use them in their operations.

So, if you want to be a citizen of the new world, here are the languages that you should turn your attention to.

1. Chinese (Mandarin)

The Chinese language has several dialects, but Mandarin is by far the most popular one, with it being spoken by over 70% of Chinese speakers. Data suggests that almost 1.1 million people in the world speak Mandarin, and it is well on its way to becoming a global language. Furthermore, since China has emerged as an economic and political superpower in recent times, and the country’s involvement in things now has a lot of weightage, Chinese translation services have become highly sought-after. Learning Mandarin can also be a great exercise for your brain as due to its highly tonal and complex nature, you use more of your brain and require brainpower to study it.

2. Spanish

Of late, Spanish culture has taken over the world! Spanish or Latin music has gained immense popularity and has become quite mainstream. On top of that, Spanish-language films and even literature have started to gain a lot of attention. But this is no coincidence since there are a whopping 534 million speakers of the language over the world. Similar to Mandarin, Spanish is another language which if you are proficient in, will make you eligible to hold a variety of important positions in international organizations. Spanish is comparatively easier to learn, You can also come across quite a few certified
translation service providers that offer Spanish translation services for people who are
thinking of migrating to Spain or any other country that has Spanish as the official
language of communication in government offices and public places.

3. Hindi

Did you know that there are over 600 million Hindi speakers in the world? Quite a number, isn’t it? But it’s not a surprise, since majorly Hindi-speaking countries such as India are growing exponentially in terms of both economic and cultural influence. Learning Hindi will not only allow you to explore a myriad of unique cultures that exist in India alone, and be able to understand and experience the diverse world of Indian literature, cinema, music, and more. A great thing about Hindi is that if you learn this, you will be able to pick up Urdu and Sanskrit as well. It is also fairly easy to learn, although you may struggle with gender.

4. Arabic

Considered to be one of the most beautiful and passionate languages in the world, Arabic is a wonderful language to learn, not only in terms of being able to communicate globally but also to gain access to a plethora of literary works. While certain languages like French and Italian tend to be restricted to one country or a few, Arabic is the official language of 20 countries in the Middle East. So learning just this one language will enable you to communicate with people belonging to several countries, and work as well as travel there. Arabic is also one of the six officially recognized languages in the UN, so you will become eligible for significant positions in organizations like that as well.

5. French

Of course, though several new languages have entered the spotlight, French has held its position and continues to be one of the most widely spoken languages. Not only is it popular in European countries, but is largely spoken by populations of nations that were once occupied by the French. French is also one of the six official languages of the UN, and proficiency in either English or French is a must if you’d like to be a part of the UN and similar international organizations. Therefore, considering French classes in Sydney Seville, or any other suitable location, can significantly enhance your chances of being involved in these global institutions. However, that’s not all. French culture is beloved by many, especially French cinema, and if you know your French well, you’ll be able to consume such thoughtful and emotion-provoking content with ease.

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