Why B.Com Is The Best Undergraduate Course For An Accounting Career?


BCom is one of the most popular degree courses in India. Most commerce students choose a Bcom degree as their 3-year degree course. Almost every Indian university has this course in its educational curriculum. To make your career in the accounting sector, Bcom is one of the ideal degree courses that you can pursue after your 12th class.

Indian universities such as KK Modi University, Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia, and JNU offer Bcom courses to all eligible students. KK Modi University which is known as the best university in Chattisgarh offers various Bcom courses such as Bcom (H) Account & Finance, Bcom (H) Financial & Stock Market Analysis, and Bcom (H) Entrepreneurship.

To know more about the Bcom degree course, let’s dive into more details of this undergraduate course.

What is a B.Com Degree?

B.Com or Bachelor of Commerce is a three-year-long undergraduate program in Finance and Commerce. Typically meant for students who have finished their schooling in Commerce students, it is an introduction to the different subjects in Commerce and Finance. Besides these, the B.Com degree also covers subjects in Economics, Statistics, Management, Marketing, Law and Business Communication.

B.Com degree has admissions on both a merit basis and through entrance examinations. It is a highly competitive course and students need to have a high aggregate score at their school leaving examinations to be eligible to take admission. Colleges and universities that have BCom offer it in both full-time and part-time modes.

Reasons To Pursue B.Com For An Accounting Career

Most accounting professionals start out by pursuing B.Com as their bachelor’s degree. Why do so many students choose B.Com to start out their Accounting careers? Let us read through some reasons to answer the very question.

Teaches the basics of Accounting: Probably the best part of a bachelor of commerce degree is that it teaches the basics of several accounting topics. Regardless of what career path one chooses, a B.Com degree is a good starting bachelors degree to start with. Students get an idea of what commerce and accounting subjects are like that can be used to get an idea of what a career in each sub-specialization would be like. From accounting and finance to banking, investment, taxation, company secretaryship, law, economics, CPA, CA, and more. There are also several divisions or specializations within the topics mentioned here. The B.Com degree is able to provide a good understanding of what a student’s choices are in the Finance or Commerce field.

Specialization choice: Some of the best commerce colleges in India offer specializations with their B.Com degrees. There is a general version of the B.Com degree that does not have any specialization. Some of the specializations popularly offered with the B.Com degree are Banking and Finance, Economics, Business Analytics, Corporate Accounting, Financial Market, Investment Management, etc. Students who have a clear vision of what career path to take and what degrees they need to enroll in for their careers would stand to benefit from this. With the basic knowledge learned at the undergraduate level, one can expand by choosing the same specialization for their postgraduate master’s and doctorate degrees. B.Com degrees allow individuals to pick a niche area in finance and accounting to work in.

Higher education options: Candidates with a B.Com degree are eligible to apply for a variety of postgraduate degrees. Unlike some courses where one is limited to master’s degrees in the same field, B.Com students can apply to many degrees. Most apply for management degrees like MBA or continue their finance studies with an M.Com degree. B.Com students can also apply for professional degrees like Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretaryship. If one wishes one can also switch careers at this point by choosing a completely different degree. Popularly, B.Com students opt for LLB or a degree in law along with design courses. The best BCom colleges in India have a host of courses in all of the fields mentioned here making it easy for students to make a choice without switching universities.

Different areas of employment: One of the top advantages of having a B.com degree is its versatility. B.Com graduates are eligible to work in many areas in an organization. This also ties in with a point made previously regarding a variety of specializations. Within the Finance field, B.com students can work in auditing, accounting, stocks, consultancy, taxation, etc. However, B.Com students can even work in jobs not related to Finance such as Marketing, Economics, Customer Service, etc. Most of these jobs are highly lucrative with sufficient space to work up to higher-paid roles. Initially, one would have to start working at an entry-level position but with experience, they will become eligible for higher management jobs. Among all the famous Bcom universities, KK Modi University provides the best internship and placement opportunities to their all students and that’s why KKMU is known as the best university for Bcom in India.

Entrepreneurship: An alternative to the full-time jobs mentioned above, there is the option to start a job or entrepreneurial venture. As B.Com students are taught the basics of Finance and Accounting, they are money smart to make the best decisions for the companies. Budgeting and understanding how much money to, realistically, put towards which activity becomes easy. Some colleges also offer a B.Com in Entrepreneurship specialization that students interested in this route can choose. Being one’s own boss is the dream for many but the road to it is not easy. The bachelor of commerce degree equips me with all the necessary skills, as a beginner, to start out on this journey.

Transferrable Skills: Transferrable skills refer to skills that are valuable or can be used in other jobs and industries. The B.Com degree teaches several transferrable skills that students can use to comfortably make a switch. For instance, a general B.Com syllabus covers introductory Economics and Business Law which are perfect to pursue higher education in Economics and Law. Another significant example is how B.Com students tend to do better at MBA courses in Management schools than most students. In today’s competitive environment, it is not enough to have skills and knowledge in just one field and subject area. Transferrable skills are a major advantage from an academic viewpoint and also for employment reasons.


To uplift your career in the accounting sector, KKMU will help you through its versatile Bcom degree course. One of the most promising undergraduate degrees, B.Com is the perfect bachelor’s degree to build up a finance career later on. B.Com students are eligible for jobs and courses in not just Commerce but also in other fields. There are many more advantages that students will experience only after taking admission into the course. Hopefully, the information here has been sufficient enough to help students make the right decision.

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