How to Write an Authentic Brand Story for Your Business?


The art of storytelling is key for any brand, as it helps them to spread their vision and mission across the customer base, as it allows them to build their online presence, and make sense of trust among target customers.

Therefore, you will see brands like Nike and Adidas focusing on the losses and wins that help them formulate an authentic story, which allows them to build an appealing brand online. Further, it assists them in increasing their sales and revenue.

Thus, it brings us to today’s discussion on how to write an authentic brand story for your business. Let’s get to know about it in the next section –

Ways To Write An Authentic Brand Story

Here are a few ways to write an authentic brand story to help your business grow and build a better story for customers to buy your products and commodities. Hence, here are the few steps you should follow –

Step 1: Add Personality To The Story

Your brand story should reflect your brand personality. In other words, you have to showcase the mission and vision of your brand. The report should be built around the stakeholders that affect your business and connect them in a line to create an authentic brand story.

Further, you should ensure that well-known personalities should dominate your stories. Rather, it should be the items you are trying to build and promote to help people have a better lifestyle.

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Step 2: Brand Story Should Be Simple

One of the things you should forward in a brand story is simplicity. No greater asset than simplicity can move people. Therefore, for reference, you can look at the commercials by Nike, which depict simple stories that make the brand so appealing.

Thus, your goal to build a perfect brand story should be focusing on –

  • Simplicity
  • Problem
  • Solution

You ask the writer to create a simple script that will begin with –

  • The idea of the problem that exists presently
  • The middle portion of the story depicts how it can resolve the issue
  • The last part shows the great success of the achievement

Hence, the focus should be on simple and daily issues that require fixing.

Step 3: Addressing The Existence Of The Brand

In this step, highlight the reason for which you exist and what it aims to sell and build. This is the USP of every brand, as it focuses on your business goals and the way you think you can improve people’s living standards.

Therefore, in the story, you must add the reason for your existence, which will help you to deliver a compelling story to customers and sell them wisely. The brand’s authentic story should itself ask the question –

  • Why should a customer buy from your brand?
  • What is so different about them
  • And how they can improve the existing lifestyle of people

This way, you can make the story more interesting and intriguing for customers to connect with and interact with the brand.

Step 4: Connect With The Customers

In the last step, you should focus on customer engagement, i.e., the story should connect with the lifestyle of customers. It should captivate their minds and influence their decision-making abilities. It would help if you looked for daily problems that affect people and then added a solution to eradicate them.

Customers are the company’s most important stakeholders, so they focus on the larger audience and their lives with issues. This will make your brand appealing and helps customers to connect with it.

Further, the authentic story will help you to generate more leads and sales. Therefore, build a perfect brand story that is authentic and gets along with the mindset of the people.

Remember, Customers Are Important

Ultimately, the story you are looking to write should be taken from the customers’ daily lives and how they deal with life. This will start a chain reaction, which will appeal to all customers. Hence, you can build an effective brand online and offline.

Further, you can use customers to tell the brand story or put the customer on a pedestal to depict their issues and how the company helps them to live a better life. Thus, it will help you to build an effective brand.

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