How to Grow Your Australian Real Estate Business Through Online Marketplaces


Do you know how to grow your Australian Real Estate Business? In this article, we have added tips you can choose for growth. While the gold rush might have officially ended in the early 20th century, Australia continues to offer prosperity to its dwellers to this day in more ways than one. It is one of the world’s most prosperous nations, with an economy of nearly USD 1.4 Trillion (Dec. 2019). Its GDP continues to grow, despite the pandemic in 2020, at a healthy 3.3%.

The country has many industries contributing to that swell in wealth, including mining, infrastructure, IT, tourism, manufacturing, business services, etc. One such influential sector is real estate. This sector has shown consistent growth throughout the years and only struggled a bit during the lockdown. Major real estate markets in the country have already seen strong revivals to the tune of 5.77% YoY (Adelaide).

It is common sense to base one’s career on such a vital sector that promises to deliver wealth like in the Gold Rush days. Online marketing in Australia for real estate business is the modern-day venture that seeks to mine profits once again from the land for those digging into it.

Grow Your Australian Real Estate Business

Online Marketing in Australia can be a boon to the booming real estate sector. Your real estate business can benefit from the technology in many ways:

A Well-Made Website

The website is at the heart of any marketing effort in today’s world and not just online; it is the face of a business to those new to it. It portrays everything about you and your work to build leads and eventually get the sales you’re looking for.

You must ensure that the website is made to order for your business. It must reflect your vision and mission, along with your knowledge of and passion for the job. It must be aligned with your marketing strategy in every element of it, be it the style, color scheme, tone, imagery, audio-visual elements, overall theme, etc.

The user experience must leave an excellent taste in its visitors’ minds and make them want to approach you for that attractive deal on that house.

Property Site Listing

This is one route independent agents will find very beneficial. Property listing sites have swelled in numbers through the years and continue to be pursued in earnest due to the ease of business they provide.

You will be the main point of contact for the property listed there, helping to spread your name via the site and referrals through possible clients.

Email Marketing Campaign

Email is still one of the broadly used communication tools worldwide, which means it needs to be harnessed to grow your business with an effective campaign.

Improvements in email technology have meant that they can contain more than mere texts and images now. An eye-catching audio-visual piece about your business or a particular type of property the user could be looking for will indeed work in your favor.

You could also mention any discounts/ gains they could have by investing in the property, leaving your contact information to set the ball rolling.

Social Media Marketing

2020 has seen 71% of Australians use social media. These sites are the most fertile ground to sow the seeds of your brand and get bountiful returns. The best part is that the users spread the word.

Make sure to have an active account/channel on many sites. Develop an effective strategy based on data collected from online activity and implement it accordingly. You must generate content constantly that people will find useful that goes beyond the standard property sales pitch.

Such moves will create interest and grow an audience, who will spread the message through the channels to others. Responses to online queries will further improve trust and gain more customers. Advertising on these platforms also helps.

SEO, PPC, and Other Means

Clickbait is the new buzzword, and you should be in on it too. A well-optimized site (called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO) will push it up the online search rankings. It increases the likelihood of your site being visited.

You could also pay an advertiser or a marketing firm every time your ad gets clicked on. This is pay-per-click marketing and is very effective too. Regular ads online will also help your company’s name be known, primarily if used with affiliate marketing tactics.

Australia’s population continues to grow yearly, and online marketing in Australia can realize their property dreams by helping your real estate dreams come true.

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