Apps for University Students


Anyone who has ever gone to college will attest to the fact that life as a college student never gets easy. You have to juggle academics, social life, and the economics of living alone. As such, it can become hectic and a bit overwhelming to get on top of every aspect without a proper plan. With the advancement in tech over the years, students can easily integrate this aspect in planning and managing their school life. It can students learn, manage time, and stay updated with campus happenings, among others.

So, what apps can students consider using to make their life manageable and less stressful while in college?

Useful Apps for College Learners

  • ANkiMobile Flashcard. The app supports scientific mark-up and multimedia as demonstrated on its company website. It comes as a free access platform for android users but costs about $24.99 for iOS users.
  • Blackboard App. It is a standard well-loved management system used for learning purposes across many colleges in the United States. The app gives learners access to course materials online or in-person virtual lessons.
  • Canvas Student. The app has similarities to Blackboard. A student can get access to their coursework, submit school assignments, and have the ability to access the test grades scored and get online assignment help.
  • Duolingo. It models itself along the line of proving itself as the best platform for learning a foreign language. The app provides classes in thirty-five different languages and can assist learners to speak, listen, write, and read good vocabulary and grammar of a particular language.
  • Evernote. It’s a platform that allows students to take notes, besides giving the users the option of syncing the information across diverse devices. You can easily create action lists, digitize documents, and save webpages.
  • Google Calendar. It’s more common than other apps because of the popularity of Google as a whole. However, the app can become crucial for students in organizing events, creating reminders, sharing, among others.
  • Google Drive. You can use this platform to store information, and it makes it ideal for tasks such as term papers or other shared working documents.
  • Mendeley. It’s a PDF reader that also plays a vital role in managing references. You can easily highlight and annotate PDFs, generate citations and references, search materials from online libraries, besides syncing your work to different devices.
  • MindMeister. It’s a crucial tool used in visualizing ideas. You can produce idea maps, make notes, and manage meetings, plan projects, among many others using the app.
  • MyLifeOrganized. The task management tool allows the user to synthesize tasks into achievable objectives. Further, you can sort priority and actionable items automatically to know what the scheduled activities entail.
  • Quizlet. It’s more of a flashcard app, essential in creating shareable decks for users. You can also play memory games with timelines. The app comes free but with an option to upgrade at $23.88 a year.


College-specific apps have increasingly become common and popular with students. A student can easily and effectively schedule events, get information, obtain maps, etc. Such a crucial planning tool can prove invaluable to a college student. So pick an app that you feel comfortable with, and viola. You will never regret it.


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