Revealing the potential of Android app Development for Your Business


The growing whirl over the usage of software apps is truly fascinating. The evolution of technology has given a new direction to businesses and users. While on one end, businesses and enterprises are using the advancement to improve their productivity, success, and profit, users are availing the benefits shared by technologies and making their lives simpler, easier, and better.

Mobile apps are the most preferred platform that is opted for and applauded by end-users. Out of all platforms available, Android is the most common, feasible, easy, and user-friendly platform. Apart from these features, Android is relatively less expensive than the Apple platform and thus the first choice of the end-users. Businesses find it a lucrative approach to attract customers using Android apps. And thus they have started to attain a partnership with the Android app development company.

If facts are to be believed, Statista states that users are expected to download 258.2B mobile apps in 2022.

The numbers alone explain that the expansion of Android mobile apps is expected to grow in 2020 and the years ahead. Thus, businesses need to be ready with their plan for Android apps and how it would benefit them.

In the blog today, let’s discuss the potential of Android apps and how they could benefit your business tremendously.

1) Google Support

Rest all aside, one of the biggest benefits of developing apps on the Android platform is the extensive support of Google. An Android application development company integrates all the services provided by Google on its devices by default like Gmail, maps, drive, and more. This extends the power, features, and functionalities of the apps available to the devices easily.

For instance – if a user is exploring your app, there are certain features of Google that a user can avail to make the app usage a friendly experience. Like location detection by Google Maps for a food delivery app.

2) Scalable

Another thing about having an Android app for the business is that it is highly scalable. This means that any new feature or functionality could easily be added to the app as per the market trends and demands. We all know that the market keeps on updating which keeps businesses on their toes. The moment a business loses an opportunity, they lose customers as well. Thus, having the support of a reliable Android development company ensures that a business is always ready to meet the competition and has new services to offer to its customers.

Android app developers are using Kotlin language which is now the official language of Android app development. This makes the development easy, quick, and time-saving.


Most businesses today look into working 24/7 to meet the expectations of the end-users. This is also necessary because the global touch base pushing competition among businesses and everyone has to be prepared with improvised solutions and services. To take control of this, businesses have started to push employees to bring their own devices. All the devices are programmed by the Android platform thus making it easy and feasible for all the employees.

Android OS allows the business to not only avail the benefit of secure corporate data but also respect the employees’ personal privacy. This gives the benefit of securing employees’ details while encouraging them to work diligently on the projects.

4) Wider Target Audience

The next benefit of opting Android platform is that it addresses a larger set of audience than any other OS. This stands true as due to features of Android platforms like robustness, security, feasibility, feature list, Google support, and more, audiences are inclined more towards Android. In terms of cost as well, Android is fairly priced compared with OS like iOS.

When a business plans to connect with an Android application development company, it understands that it would be able to get wider access to the audience across the globe.

5) Alignment with the Latest Trends

Last but not least is how efficient Android is in aligning with the latest trends and technologies. This is one of the reasons why businesses are seeking Android apps for their business. With the change in time, businesses need to be more agile, and thus Android apps help them in fulfilling the desires of people across the globe. Every trend that is developed gets easily aligned with Android apps without any hassle.

Android platform is easygoing and does not impose strict restrictions when combining any trend with that of Android apps. It’s an easy task for Android app developers to merge the benefits of newly launched trends with those of Android apps.


Wrapping up, the intensity of how Android apps are impacting the markets, industries, businesses, and end-users is truly enthralling. With more and more users gripping their interest towards Android apps, businesses are securing their partnership with an Android application development company to make sure they are ready with the latest embedded features on Android apps. The potential of Android apps keeps on growing as the market flourishes and end-users continue to demand more.

Siya Carla is the Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company that provides unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating interactive mobile apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent mobile app development company.