The Benefits of Exporting Amazon Products from Asia to America


You must be looking for benefits of exporting amazon products from Asia to America. E-commerce is regarded as the future of shopping as online shopping is increasingly replacing the traditional brick-and-mortar retail experience. CNBC recently reported that online shopping in 2019 is overtaking a major part of retail for the first time ever. Among the world’s top e-commerce marketplaces, Amazon is the largest and most well-known retailer for online shoppers all over the world. With its massive customer base, Amazon offers an extensive opportunity for sellers to reach hundreds of million potential buyers around the globe and it has also been a major enabler of the growth in online shopping. This is why more and more businesses worldwide are interested in becoming sellers on Amazon.

In the world of e-commerce and online shopping, convenience and fast services are the vital keys. One important challenge online sellers have to deal with in the fast-paced one-click digital era is impatient shoppers. Online shoppers nowadays expect instant gratification from fast delivery and excellent services. As a professional and leading online market platform, Amazon has an inclusive logistics system to help retail business owners export and sell their products to customers. An increasing number of product owners like wholesale iPhone chargers from Asia are seeking their market opportunity in the giant market of Amazon, and that is achievable, especially in America, with the help of FBA service and Amazon Prime Membership.

What are the Benefits of Exporting Amazon Products from Asia to America?

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is an outsourced solution that allows Amazon sellers to use Amazon’s advanced fulfillment network to overcome logistic challenges and complete their selling transactions quickly to the customer’s satisfaction. The process is an Amazon seller in the FBA program to export their inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and when a customer orders a product, Amazon will handle the packing, delivering, and tracking the order.

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime is an exclusive service Amazon offers to its Prime member customers, which includes an interesting deal of two-day free shipping in the United States. Since quick delivery is what online shoppers consider the most important, Amazon Prime has become a huge sales driver. Prime members are the biggest customers of Amazon. Not only do they account for the biggest portion of Amazon’s customer base, but they are also loyal customers who regularly make a purchase and spend more on Amazon than non-Prime shoppers.

Amazon’s enormous Prime customer base and FBA system work together to increase the chance of sales for Amazon sellers. Qualified FBA listings will be displayed with the Prime logo, which tells customers that those products guarantee fast shipping and delivery for Prime members.

Hiring an Amazon marketing agency will make you take comfort from the fact that your money won’t be wasted because it will be handled by experts and it will be returned 10-fold.

Despite the attractive ever-growing customer base of Amazon, selling on such a platform is not easy. Many small and medium entrepreneurs struggle to be successful on Amazon. It requires numerous processes and technical procedures, which is not only difficult and time-consuming but also takes a high level of expertise. Moreover, to use Amazon’s FBA program, sellers will have to export their inventory from Asia to America so that Amazon can manage warehousing and order fulfillment. Yet, certain steps need to be taken to prep the inventory that will be sent to Amazon because it has strict guidelines and requirements on how to prepare and ship the products as part of its FBA prep guidelines. These processes can be tedious and time-consuming for yourself and your team. While some businesses may choose to manage those tasks themselves, some others may want to seek the assistance of an expert like experienced Amazon agencies that provide end-to-end e-commerce managed solution providers.

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