Not Just Conversational, A Conversion Partner Too!


Omni Channel Messaging is the Way For Your Work Lifestyle. It isn’t a new concept; it’s becoming increasingly influential with the tech-savvy climbs of brands, social media platforms & customers. At the outset of digital channels, customers expect effortless customer communication & experience from the brands they adore.

This is the chief reason why companies need to steer their focus on creating an inclusive omnichannel messaging & marketing strategy to keep up with client needs & competition. According to industry stalwarts, such marketing will raise nearly six times more sales than single-channel messaging and marketing.

Keep Your Customers At The Forefront Of Everything!

What keeps Umnico’s omnichannel messaging onwards is its seamless customer experience across all the channels, as they’re well-centered around the customers. The cherry on top is the first 3 days are for FREE. No restrictions at all.

Let’s The Process Of Registration-
1. Register for free in less than a minute.
2. Connect all your social media with zero correspondence leakage.
3. Boom up your sales with ensured brand loyalty & simplified communication.

Shape The Future Of Your Business with these Ardent Advantages –

1. Web-based live chat

Create & connect a chat on your specific site to communicate with clients and customers. This communication platform allows users to design individual conversations with their favorite colors. Sets up auto messaging for businesses unable to communicate after business hours. The user can easily create customized templates, hotkeys, and notifications.

The user can even use employee avatars in their online space chat to make conversations friendly & easy-going.

2. CRM for messengers

Umnico’s omnichannel messaging provides a single CRM for messengers for small businesses, ensuring the collaboration of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and 25+ other social media platforms. Such extensive CRM capabilities save time & money; one can chat limitlessly and sort leads.

3. Settings that solve problems

Not just conversational but a conversion partner in driving stellar sales too. Backed with multichannel functionalities & pre-built integrations, this omnichannel messaging platform ensures;

– Functionality of social networks
– Multilineage of online chats
– Unlimited employees
– Effortless access settings
– Incoming call notifications
– Analytics calendar with ensured descriptions

4. Try it from $8 Per Month

The rate varies from business to business. It’s majorly based on the total number of channels & integrations. For any other queries, you can even mail at

5. Brand frontage, nationally & internationally

This brand has gained immense trust, reputation & popularity over the years. Over 5,000 companies have successfully chosen Umnico’s omnichannel messaging platform for their valued integrations, functionality & fast service support.

Brands like Kia, Hyundai, Raiffeisen Bank, BNP Paribas, DHL, Universal, H&K, Skydive Dubai, IIDF, and Invitro are the proud clients of this omni-messaging platform. You and your brand can be a part of this success club by acknowledging your brand potential, coupled with their latest messaging & CRM capabilities.

Remember to focus on personalization with their effortless inclusiveness & automation for your marketing campaigns. These advantages will help you create a strategy of success, guaranteed to reach the target audience & sales in the long run.

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