7 Benefits of the AxiDraw Machine


Do you know what is AxiDraw Machine and what are the benefits of the AxiDraw Machine? In this article, we will let you know everything.

It is always fancy and interesting to see words handwritten. Many people are always on the idea that words that are always handwritten have a natural appearance which is fantastic in personal writing.

People always want to hand-write messages to their friends and on gift surfaces and therefore they prefer handwritten characters to computer-based print characters.

The invention of the AxiDraw machine for personal writing and drawing has contributed greatly to the art of writing. It is a machine that is meant for personal writing and drawing. It was created by a scientist named Evil Mad.

The machine has great features that contribute to the writing and drawing of personal information. This machine has many benefits for the people who use it.

Advantages of the AxiDraw Machine

1. It creates high-quality art

The most important feature of this machine is the flat pen-based drawing machine that can create lovely calligraphy and even art.

The quality of the drawing on this machine is really good. The designs are simple and clear thus giving an opportunity for the hacks to have a drawing platform.

The additional feature of this machine is its ability to make a desktop cutter with a special feature the ‘cutting blade’ and also the laser etcher using a ‘laser diode’.

2. It utilizes a series of Inkscape extensions

This feature provides the control mechanism. Therefore, the machine can be controlled using the Inkscape extensions.

The Inkscape is usually open-source and free together with its plugin system which creates new extensions for the machine easily.

This has provided a platform for tinkerers to create programmatic art.

3. It has a wide working area

According to Glozine’s gadget news, the AxiDraw has a wide working area; of 300x218mm. This area is wide enough to draw on an A4 or 8.5×11 inch standard piece of paper.

Since it can write on a flat surface, it acts as a simplified printer that writes on these paper surfaces.

The machine can also write on a piece of paper less than the A4-sized paper, for example, the A5 envelopes.

4. It is extremely versatile

This machine has been designed to provide a variety of services. These services are provided for specialized writing and drawing needs.

This machine carries out any task that can be handled by a handheld pen in many capacities.

Moreover, its ability to use a computer base to produce writings that resemble handmade has made it the best in the world; the writings can’t be differentiated from the real pen characters.

It is therefore used to address an envelope or sign one’s name. These writings are usually made categorically with the near skill of an artist.

5. The compatible nature of the pen holder

The pen holder in this machine provides a wide variety of pens. This also includes the Sharpie fine together with ultra-fine point markers.

However, pens such as fountain pens, rollerballs, and small-bodied whiteboard markers are also held by this machine. This machine proves to be the best when it holds these pens at a certain angle the way human beings do.

The fountain pen, for example, is usually held at an angle of 45 degrees to the paper. Other writing materials like chalk, charcoal, brushes, and pencils are also held by this machine by extension.

6. Write calligraphy letters that attract people

Since it is a machine that never gets tired while it writes, its written characters are consistently written.

This great feature makes the machine suitable for writing formal letters that need to be handwritten.

It is also used to sign diplomas and other certificates. The machineability to produce calligraphy writings makes it suitable for decorating lunch bags.

It is used to generate computer-based artwork that is attractive to people’s eyes.

7. It’s convenient to use

This machine can be conveniently used in an organization due to its provisions of either drawing or writing personal information. In this regard, people who are using this machine have a variety of choices that they can choose from. The provision for drawing helps to produce high-quality images while the provision for writing provides very attractive written letters.

The new inventions have improved the living standards of people. Most people have always dreamed of having a handwriting robot, but that is now in place.

Personal writing can now be done with a machine. This machine whose value is estimated to be around $450 will now help people by making their work easy.

It will help to handle heavy-duty within a very short period; the machine’s arm never gets tired, unlike the human arm.

This is now successful but depending on how different people embrace this new technology and integrate it into their lives.

AxiDraw is the best handwriting machine that people should have in their offices, homes, and institutions.