5 Ways to Make Money Through Digital Art


Digital art is getting more popular each day and you don’t need to worry about purchasing and exploring various mediums as you’ll only need technology to create your beautiful artwork. Apart from the ease of doing digital art, there are also plenty of ways you can make money out of it, making it a great business venture.

Once you know how digital artwork works, you can put it to your advantage by using your art to make money from it. Moreover, below are some ways to monetize through digital art:

1. Design Personalised T-Shirts

One of the most popular ways to use your digital art skills is by designing personalized t-shirts and selling them as your merchandise. It’ll be a great new business venture as you’ll be using your art, freeing yourself from the possibility of copyright infringement which could lead to legal troubles. However, you need to choose which kind of there you’ll be going for. You can go for minimalist, fun, sporty, or anything in between.

To establish a successful personalized t-shirt business, you should look for the right company that can print your art into a shirt in the best and most seamless way possible. Moreover, you should also check which kind of shirt design you’ll go for. Their fit and necklines could greatly define the entire appearance of the tee, which could be a buying factor for your audience.

2. Sell Prints

A basic way to monetize your digital art is by selling prints. This will allow you to have the freedom about whichever type of digital art you’d like to go for and enable them to be available in print which your audience can use as their wall decorations or frame them for a table-top image. It’ll be a great business that won’t require a high investment.

When selling prints, you can create your own artwork or do personalized pieces. You can do a digital version of your client’s favorite photo, which usually is a mix of self-portraits, wedding photos, or family pictures. This way, you can implement your own art style and allow it to be your client’s new home decoration. However, if you’re planning to do portraits of people, ensure that you charge them per person, as you’ll need to be detailed per figure.

3. Teach Online

A great way to share your knowledge and earn money is by teaching digital art courses online. This way, you can train more people about how they can be digital artists or enhance their skills, especially if they’re just learning how to work around this new medium. While you teach students how to do digital arts, you can charge them an hourly fee, which could help to provide you with an extra income.

As you teach online, you can choose to make a pre-recorded video and send it out to your students every week. After watching the video, allow your students to raise their concerns, attend to their needs, and teach them individually. It will allow you to easily conduct as many students as you can with multiple sessions as you’ll only need to focus on is to cater to your student’s concerns and watching their progress.

4. Art Selling At Stock Image Websites

Most websites use stock images as their image placement. It provides a faster way to source high-quality images without going through the trouble of creating one for themselves. To help stock image websites develop plenty of digital goods to sell to their customers, you might want to consider selling your artwork to them.

There are plenty of stock image websites that are constantly looking for digital artists to submit their work for purchase. If you have free time, you might want to start building your portfolio and sell your artwork to those websites. Just ensure that you don’t post them anywhere, as the moment you sell them, they will have full ownership of your artwork.

5. Freelancing

Another guaranteed way you can earn money with digital art is through freelancing. This way, you’ll be looking for clients who need digital art goods and will pay you per artwork or hour, depending on how you’d like to charge. All you need to do is find a client, show them your outstanding portfolio, and wait for their offer of your services.

When it comes to freelancing, it’ll be helpful if you could decide on a specific art style so you can gather the right audience for your freelancing business. While it might seem beneficial to do different types, having a specialization allows you to attract a larger audience as they know that you know exactly what you’re doing and wouldn’t have any trouble working with you.


Making money through digital art can be challenging, especially since this field is getting more popular. But with the right portfolio and knowing your market, you’ll be able to generate as much income as allows you to quit your day job and let this be your full-time work. Moreover, always try to explore various channels and see which areas you can attract a larger audience.

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