5 Ideas for Website Design and Conversion


When searching for the best ideas for website design, it must be more than aesthetically pleasing. You also want it to make you money, too, which means high rates of conversion.

Recent statistics reveal that when a page load has a one-second delay, you will incur a decrease in your conversion rate by 7%. Further, studies show that if you want to increase your conversion rate by 100%, you could achieve this by removing the navigation menu.

For a website visual design that may not win major awards but will win the hearts and minds of your target audience, keep reading. These five website design trends are your golden ticket.

1. Be Responsive

Mobile devices drive more than half of web traffic. If half of your audience is using a mobile device, then you want the website’s visual design to be responsive. Nothing will deter visitors more than if the design is not functioning easily within the device they are using.

2. Create Engaging Content

Few users will discover a website through their home page these days. Rather, social media posts, product or service pages, and blog posts with helpful tips and advice will attract them.

Your content, especially blog posts, should be written in an SEO-friendly way, full of well-planned, focused keywords. This is how your site can rise in search engine results.

SEO content is an important part of website design. It must drive the visitor from the search engine results or social media posts, and they should hit your website.

While a blog post or product page can get them to your site, you want them to continue to search your website once there. That is how today’s digital design trends work.

3. Eye-Catching Imagery

Alongside your written content must be images that grab someone’s attention. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. What are your images saying about that blog post, product page, landing page, demo page, etc?

Your images should tell a story about the content and about the company’s brand. The latest in digital design trends is to use website illustrations versus real-life photos. If you want to include an original illustration, but you cannot draw, try this neat photo-to-sketch tool.

4. Increase Your Website Speed

The way you design your website determines a lot of your website speed. Speed is a very important conversion factor. It directly relates to user experience.

According to Google, the chances of a user bouncing off your website will increase by 32% when your load time goes up to three seconds. If you want conversions, what you need is speed!

5. Easy to Navigate

Visitors will be happy to engage with your website when they can easily find what interests them. This means your website graphics should have a layout that is clear to follow and simple menu options.

It is annoying to have to click too much to find what you want. When someone visits your website, make sure they can browse with the least number of clicks.

Ideas for Website Design

If you are looking to give the conversion a boost, go forth and implement these ideas for website design. Be responsive, and load fast, with engaging content and images, and a clear layout. This is what your visitors want, so give it to them!

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