4 Digital Marketing Trends to Look Forward in 2024!


The best companies always start planning their marketing strategy way ahead of time. This is especially important in the fast-paced digital age we live in today. Companies need to consider their budget, their actions, and the most effective tactics for their consumers.

Thus, it is important that marketing managers and company owners assess the current digital marketing trends. Now that 2017 is almost at an end, we need to look at the digital marketing trends for 2024. Knowledge about these trends would help us to develop a strategy that would ensure high conversion.

Read on below to find out which digital marketing news and trends are likely to be most effective in the coming quarter. With this knowledge, your customers would stay engaged and your business would hopefully boom!

Digital Marketing News and Trends that can Boost your Business to the Next Level

1. Micro-Moments

Smartphones and tablets are now fast replacing the good old PC. Even laptops are less favored these days. Hence, customer engagement and interaction with audiences need to be mobile-friendly.

This much is obvious. However, micro-moments are a definite concept that could strongly influence your marketing strategy. These are basically anything that makes people reach for their smartphones. This could be ordering a package, looking for ingredients, or even long-term goals like buying a car.

Simply put, these moments are very sensitive and critical. Customers expect and need companies to make their products and services available through their mobile sets. They don’t want any regard for time or location. Given the global villa we’re living in now, this demand is not so unreasonable.

Hence, businesses should aim to answer questions and provide services as and when required. Once customers research something from their phone, they probably won’t get back to it if they are not successful right away. So seizing this moment is essential. The simpler the access, the more trust between the business and the client.

A useful, quick, and one-touch access to the needed information becomes the basis of acquiring customer trust and building long-lasting relationships.

2. Videos And Live Streaming

A video obviously catches the attention of any social media user, especially millennials. If it is eye-catching enough, it can draw in a huge viewership and hence get your message across in no time.

Plus, videos tend the have more of an effect on a larger number of people than any medium. After all, you can incorporate text, images, music, and audio into a video. Thus, all the basic senses of the viewer are touched upon. This makes them get attached to the content and even empathize with it on a deeper level than with just text or even still images.

When an audience is affected by what it sees, it would interact with the content more. This means more likes, shares, comments, etc. Basically, your content and your business would get more attention and popularity with videos.

Videos on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have proven to be highly effective in engaging customers. In relation to the point above, many consumers are now used to watching a video on their phones as well.

Live streams are also a valuable tool in garnering customers’ interest. The appeal of watching a live video is high for any consumer. Plus, having the host live gives viewers an opportunity to ask questions, be acknowledged, and even get discounts for tuning in.

YouTube alone has more viewers in the 18 and above category during prime TV hours than any conventional cable network. This means that companies could gain a better audience when advertising through YouTube than on television. Hence, it would be best if companies took advantage of the video trend and started producing high-quality videos and live streams.

3. Native Advertising

Native advertising is a marketing strategy that has gained a lot of popularity in current times. This is basically a way for companies to get plain exposure in front of viewers, without interrupting a video or show.

Hence, the concern of native advertising is to place ads in a non-disruptive yet plain manner. This won’t disturb the viewers but attract their attention. Customers may not consciously see them, but sort of imbibe them while watching or reading content.

The point of native advertising is to let customers know what they need, in as unobtrusive a manner as possible. The CTR rates for premium native ads are much higher than for non-native ones. What’s more, native advertising is highly suited to tablet and mobile users.

4. Customization And Personalization

Content marketing is the way to go for 2024. This is when a company tries its hardest to have a personalized experience for every customer.

Of course, tailoring a different experience for different demands is not easy. Keeping up with this trend would demand a change away from the conventional content. In other words, content does not need to be dynamic, rich, and ever-changing. A company can do this by opting for a smart marketing automation plan and dynamic websites.

For instance, the content for a new visitor to your website would be different from that of an existing customer. Additionally, a one-time customer should have a different experience than a loyal client.

An example of smart content is also applicable here. In a nutshell, smart content is one that does not assume a constant customer philosophy on a general level. Hence, it would ask personalized questions, allow the customer to change things up, and thus enrich their experience.

When a company adopts such policies in 2024, they will probably generate more lead conversions than before. Hence, their social media marketing would really hit the mark. Examples like Hubspot should motivate brands and businesses to provide a personalized experience for their customers. It may take some time and investment, but the end result would ultimately be worth it.


Digital technology is now a huge part of the market and the consumers. There’s no way around it, and utilizing it would mean ample benefits for any company. Of course, there are different kinds of opportunities for different brands, companies, products, and services. With digital technology, these opportunities are constantly multiplying. Make sure you are well-prepared to take advantage of them.

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