10 Ways to Increase your eCommerce Sales


Do you want to increase your eCommerce sales? Yes, I know every business owner wants the same. Hence, we have made this list of 10 ways, by doing which you can see a boost in sales.

In fact, eCommerce business owners are making a lot of money from their products. A recent study by Statista has shown that retail eCommerce sales worldwide will amount to 2.86 trillion US dollars in 2018. Unfortunately, you don’t just build an eCommerce store and expect customers to flood your site. You’ll need to embark on successful marketing campaigns to attract shoppers’ interest.

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The good news is that with the following marketing strategies you’ll increase your eCommerce sales.

1. Use Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling are sure-fire ways that you can employ to increase online sales. Cross-selling is the way of introducing related products along with what a customer is considering buying. It gives a customer a lot of complementary products to choose from. Up-selling is the act of selling a superior version of a product that a customer is buying. This method allows your customer to see the same product with advanced features and a higher price.

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These sales techniques are designed to encourage customers to buy other products. The truth is that when customers see more than what they need, they will be motivated to buy more. Multiple studies have shown that up-selling and cross-selling encourage customers to come back for more.

2. Improve Your Website Design

In today’s digital age, you need a custom website design to attract and engage potential customers. Your eCommerce store is part of the company, and its design has to reflect how professional your brand is. In fact, your promotional campaigns should start from your store as well. Specialists have uncovered the fact that customers most often avoid online store if it lacks important customization.

Building a well-designed eCommerce store is an important step towards overcoming competitors. If you’re planning to redesign your store, then make sure it has a responsive design, which gives customers a wonderful shopping experience. In fact, you will drive more sales when you make it easy for people to navigate and find products on the website.

3. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Within the last few years, a lot of new tablets and smartphones have been coming into the market. This has significantly increased the number of online shoppers. Studies show that the number of mobile shoppers has exceeded that of the desktop user. In this digital age, making your eCommerce store perfectly adapted to various mobile devices is an essential part of your business success.

Even Google boosts mobile search rankings for websites that display appropriately on mobile devices. To create a mobile version of your current website site you can use a conversion platform or mobile plugins. Creating a mobile-friendly eCommerce store is a good way you can employ to expose your business to mobile shoppers. Having mobile optimization of the store, you will boost conversion rates and increase sales.

4. Use Product Images of Good Quality

Don’t use any product image just for the sake of adding images. Your products’ images should have high quality. It’s true that getting professional product images can be a daunting task, but it’s also true that they can help attract potential customers to your store. Our experts have proved many times that adding vivid item images with zoom-in options encourages potential customers to purchase a product.

5. Optimize Product Page Descriptions

Your product page descriptions have the potential to entice customers to make a purchase. Make sure that you have described useful features that make customers interested. Keep motivating them further down the funnel. Most popular eCommerce sites like Amazon display their product key features to improve sales.

Descriptions should be well-defined so that any potential customer who reads them will be encouraged to take action. You can use attractive short bullets to showcase key features of the product. No doubt that you will be missing out on a lot of sales when details that are supposed to encourage your customers to make a purchase are hidden in a description.

6. Create Short Promotional Products Videos

The video campaign is an important marketing strategy for many e-commerce stores, used in order to increase sales. Today’s mobile-enabled consumers prefer watching videos more than other types of content. Create interesting short promotional videos of your products, including important features of your products that can capture customers’ attention. Integrate these videos into various product web pages.

You can also upload product videos to all the popular video sites to increase exposure. Don’t forget to optimize your videos for SEO by adding keywords to the video’s title and description. You can add your website address as text in the description to drive traffic as well.

7. Create a Unique Value Proposition

The tremendous diversity that exists in the eCommerce field makes it hard for companies to set themselves apart from the competition. No matter how unique you think your products are, there is probably another shop out there, which is offering the same or similar products to your target market. If that is the case, what then can you do to make your brand stand out from the range of thousands of other brands? A unique value proposition is what will make your brand special. You need to write a good unique value proposition that addresses the value of your product. Providing it, you will excel in competition, and enjoy the benefits of leadership.

A unique value proposition can be integrated into your homepage, product page, and advertisement page to boost conversion rates. Having the knowledge of what sets your brand apart from other brands will help you run a successful eCommerce business. This strategy can help separate you from your competitors.

8. Offer Free and Easy Returns

This marketing tactic can motivate potential customers to buy from you and improve sales exponentially. Online product returns have helped many eCommerce brands gain customer loyalty and make them willing to come back for more.

Online retail returns are common in the eCommerce business, and customers will return products they bought from time to time. Your customer can decide to return a product that was damaged or did not fit well. Customers return approximately one in three products. In fact, the majority of shoppers review the return policy before making a purchase.

If potential customers know that they can freely return goods, they are more likely will come back again. The study conducted by the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the best customers are the ones with the highest return rates. Implementation of this policy in your practice will help you to avoid losing big sales and business opportunities.

9. Display Products on Your Home Page

Your home page is one of the most important parts of your eCommerce website so you should use it to keep customers engaged. Showcase best-selling products so that potential customers can clearly see them. It’s more likely that any shopper who comes to your eCommerce store via other pages can decide to visit the home page to see other products. So, placing your most popular products on the homepage inevitably boosts sales.

10. Offer Multiple Delivery Options

Providing customers with several delivery options will boost your sales. Surprisingly, businesses that sell qualitative products offer an exceptional online experience very often fail when it comes to delivery. If you’re going to motivate customers to buy from you, then be ready to offer multiple delivery options. Such a useful marketing strategy is easy to implement, but it helps you to avoid losing potential customers and let them go to your competitors.

It is obvious that the Internet has changed the way people search for and buy products. These days with a desktop or mobile device you can buy whatever you need online. People are increasingly willing to join the eCommerce business.

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