Everything You Should Know About Guest Blogging


What is guest blogging or guest posting? It is one of the most contentious topics in the SEO industry. While some find it a waste of time, some count various advantages from it. However, the truth is, that it is very beneficial when done accurately.

Guest posting of Activeseoshield is one of the content marketing techniques. It includes writing and publishing articles for other websites. The guest blogger receives a reward for their efforts based on their publications. Although often you do not benefit from a monetary reward for the post but get a link to your website or social media accounts. Hence, it is the best option for Link building too.

Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Here are some of the best benefits one gets from guest posting services:

  • Develop a profile of you as an expert or a thought leader in a specific niche.
  • Helps in the growth of your brand.
  • Assists in gaining a new audience.
  • Boosts SEO performance.
  • Helps in link-building strategy.
  • Helps in driving organic traffic and building relationships with other bloggers or companies.
  • Enhances a company’s brand awareness.
  • Helos in obtaining more leads, users, and customers.

Tips For Result-Driven Guest Post Strategy

Setting Goals

It is significant to set specific goals that are achievable and measurable before providing a guest post service to any website. These goals can include driving leads for your website and improving brand awareness. The list of set goals makes it easier to pick appropriate topics, publication sites, and regularity of posting. Having a goal will also help you in your link-building strategy and improve your website traffic.

Picking Right Topic

It is always advised to select the topic that will benefit your business goals like referral topic, SEO performance, leads, or clients. Thus, it is essential to choose blog topics that are trending, relevant, and informative, and create an authoritative voice of yours in the community.

Finding Guest Blogging Sites

There are many industry-specific guest posts sites one can find on the internet. However, guest post sites with domain authority of 40 or higher and spam scores of 3 percent or less are the sites you can choose from for your guest blogging and Link building.

Conducting Guest Posting Outreach

The next step involves pitching your ideas to the owner of the sites you have selected. It is the best option to pick out the topic that has not been covered by the site yet. It will allow them to take you seriously and believe that you want to add some value to their website.

Writing A Post

Once you get the approval from the website for the guest post, start writing a post that is informative, readable, unique, and engaging. Keep the articles long with short understandable sentences.


Thus, guest posting is the best strategy for the business and is always going to be the content one creates after trial and error. Therefore, start the services without hesitating, and you will ultimately learn from your mistakes.

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