4 Common Web Design Execution Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Did you know about Web Design Execution Mistakes? Now that you’ve created a gorgeous and unique web design after endless hours of arguing and attending to even the smallest details on your website. With everything nailed down, you’re now ready to debut your design and transform it into a fully interactive website.

However, you need to make sure that your hard work is worth the effort by preventing any kinks or bugs from ruining your art. Executing your web design can be challenging, but knowing the common mistakes that other people tend to make will help you steer your ship in the right direction.

Web Design Execution Mistakes

Here are four mistakes to avoid when turning your web design into a live web page:

1. Forgetting Navigability

You may be excited about implementing cool new features in your web design, but make sure not to sacrifice navigability for it. If your website visitors don’t know how to get where they want, they’ll end up closing out of your page within a few seconds. That means they won’t enjoy all the beautiful design elements you so lovingly (and laboriously) put together.

Your website’s navigation should be intuitive, which means your visitors shouldn’t think too hard about finding what they need. With simple, straightforward navigation, your visitors will be more likely to stay longer and convert instead of spending time at your competitor’s website.

2. Using a Splash Page

Splash pages usually appear when a visitor clicks on a website, often displaying promotions. They’re different from landing pages, which are specifically designed according to a concrete conversion goal. Visitors tend to dislike unexpected responses when viewing a website, so they want to look at your contact information. If they’re suddenly shown promos in products they are yet to be interested in, they may be turned off and leave your website. Convenience is king, so make it as easy as possible for your visitors to get what they want! You may want to work with a Miami web design company in this regard, as these professionals know the design elements that translate well when executed.

3. Using Too Many Sliders

Sliders, also known as carousels, can be tricky to execute effectively. Even though they’re aesthetically pleasing, they’re full of accessibility issues. Many people have even written about the low number of users who actually interact with them, pushing them further into the territory of features you shouldn’t consider for your website.

Another factor to consider about sliders is that they aren’t good for search engine optimization or SEO, which can ultimately harm your rankings. They also tend to attract the wrong kind of attention instead of highlighting your unique value proposition, which leads to the next point.

4. Not Advertising Your Unique Value Proposition

When visitors go to your website, they want to know what makes you different from the rest. They visit your page to fulfill a specific need, which they believe you can do. However, if your page doesn’t direct them in the right direction, they’ll immediately exit and go to your competitor. In as little as three seconds, they’ll think they can get better service elsewhere, however true or false that is.

That’s why it’s crucial to advertise your unique value proposition on your website. Your web design must be built around this to showcase the best of your products and services. This display will ensure that your target audience will know what to expect from you. Without it, they wouldn’t have any reason to stick around, ultimately costing you potential sales and customers.


You’re probably excited to launch your website after you’ve taken great care in designing it. However, if you aren’t careful, you may end up replicating these four common mistakes. By working with a Miami web design agency, you can ensure your design is smooth and seamless and lets your customers know what you do!

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