Top Tips for Increasing Network Speed


Do you know how to increase network speed? In this article, we are going to tell you everything about increasing network speed. One of the key infrastructure-related tools necessary for the productivity of your office has to be the network speed. A slow Internet or patchy Wi-Fi is not just an irritant but hampers your productivity significantly.

So how do you increase the network speed in your office? Do you update your system or install Cat 6 cables for better data transfer speed and higher bandwidth?

Here are a few Top Tips to Increase the Network Speed at your Office.

Ensuring Signal and Network Secured

When it comes to your office network, security cannot be overstated enough. It may already be password protected but make sure these are strong and changed periodically. Unauthorized and unwanted access to your network is inherently risky with the threat of breaches and data theft. But it can also be a big drain on your bandwidth that can slow down your network speed.

Have a system of removing the IDs and access of those whose employment has been terminated. Also, monitor instances of unusual usage – both manual and automated – that pose a threat. Investing in software and implementing procedural checks for malware are also highly recommended.

Update Network Firmware and Software Regularly

Often, the solution to increasing network performance could lie in the routine maintenance process itself. Ensuring regular updates of network firmware and software could eliminate bugs and latency-related issues slowing down speeds.

Consider Installing a Signal Booster

Large office premises, typically, face this problem with Wi-Fi signals not covering all sections equally. But this is a fairly easy problem to solve with boosters that can channel the signals and amplify them suitably to areas with lesser reach. The challenge here is to identify the vantage points where these signal boosters need to be installed to optimize reception.

Plugging PCs Directly to Ethernet

However fast the Wi-Fi connection, a wired system can be much faster and the speeds more reliable. If the wireless is not giving the best results, try connecting an Ethernet cable to your network directly can be a good decision. For better results, use a Cat 6 cable as your Ethernet cable.

Invest in a New Router or Upgrade

There could be instances when the best solution could point to a complete overhaul of the present system. In situations where the existing hardware gets dated, it might mean an upgrade of the infrastructure or even a revamp with totally new equipment. This could also happen when you decide to expand and hire more staff.

Install Cat 6 Cables

If you want faster Internet speeds, installing Cat 6 cables is a good choice. Cat 6 cables perform up to 250 MHz and offer speeds up to 10-Gigabit Ethernet. Cat 6 cables reduce any signal transfers that might disrupt your communication channels.

A fast and stable network for a modern-day workplace is an absolute bare minimum and should not be compromised at all.

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