Try Simple PowerPoint Templates: Tips & Examples


Nowadays, hundreds and thousands of attractive templates for working in PowerPoint can be found on the Internet in the public domain or on specialized platforms. Which one is best to choose is a question that worries many, because the presentation’s appearance will determine its effect on the audience.

The MasterBundles team of experts recommends paying attention to minimalistic and simple templates — they will allow you to shift the client’s focus from slide design to the product, service, or another presentation object itself. In the publication, we will tell you why you should choose simple templates, how to find them, and which sets can be considered simple.

Why Try Simple Templates?

The variety of PowerPoint themes forces the user to jump between many aesthetic templates, wasting time choosing. However, simple bundles are the way to go in most cases for a number of reasons as told by STL PowerPoint training

  • the simplicity of the template makes them quite versatile, so they are suitable for any field from fashion and culinary to marketing and travel;
  • simple bundles usually include slides with a lot of space, so the user can conveniently place all the necessary information, including photo and video materials, as well as text data and infographic elements;
  • due to the minimalist design, you can easily complement the slides with branded logos without layering elements one on top of the other;
  • simple templates are usually very easy to customize to match the color scheme to the shades of the images used.

And, in general, there is a strong trend toward minimalism now, so using a simple template is a great step to show the audience that you understand modern needs.

How to Choose A Simple PPT Template?

Okay, the advantages of simple PowerPoint templates are clear, but how to choose the right option since there are still a lot of minimalistic bundles? The ideal option can be any set that meets most of the listed points:

  • no more than 2-3 basic shades are used in the color palette;
  • slides are quite spacious and not loaded with various graphic elements — as a rule, at least 60% of the page should be free to accommodate user objects;
  • the total number of slides in the set is more than 30 (if 1-2 built-in palettes) or more than 50 (if 3-5 built-in palettes);
  • high customization — all elements can be changed and adapted to your needs;
  • the template uses simple and easy-to-read fonts that will not tire the eyes of the audience.

As a rule, simple templates fit almost any photo, but if you want to achieve the perfect match, then there is an additional tip. Choose sets where the “fake” images are as similar as possible to processing with yours — then the bundle will definitely be perfect.

Eight Worthy Simple PowerPoint Templates

To make it easier for readers to pick up simple PowerPoint templates, the MasterBundles team has put together eight high-quality designs. They are minimalistic, eye-catching, and immediately capture the attention of the audience.

Clean Cool Style Pitch Deck Template

One of the best examples of a simple minimalist presentation. The design looks very restrained and clean – all objects are placed on a white background, with the occasional use of aquamarine color elements. There are 21 slides in the kit with a variety of designs, and the client can also use the set of editable icons.

Gachi – Person Powerpoint Template

This template combines amazing simplicity and elegance and is ideal for creating minimalist presentations in the fields of fashion, beauty products, photography services, or wedding agencies. The set contains 25 slides, and all text blocks are easy to customize and edit. Handcraft design will appeal to everyone!

EZRA Business Minimal Template

Ezra is a top 1 simple template for various business purposes. A white background, legible black text, and a few color accents make it minimalistic, but still attractive. The set contains 30 customizable slides, and the library of shape icons represents 1300+ elements.

Windez Simple Professional Powerpoint Template

Another interesting option. 38 simple slides with customizable designs are suitable for business purposes, including the presentation of various services or products. Vector icons were used to create it, which makes the template super adaptable.

Model Lookbook Presentation Template

A great template that contains five color palettes – purple, pink, yellow, green, and gray. There is a huge amount of space for textual information on the slides, but even more space is allocated to the photo materials. This bundle is specifically focused on the visual, so it is suitable for the presentation of physical products – for example, clothing or care products.

Vzrine – Person Powerpoint Template

This is not to say that this template is pure minimalism, but even with this incredible design, it remains simple. Soft pistachio, beige, and powdery pink make the slides attractive and elegant. In the set, you can find 25 different pages with different designs.

Wall-E Disney Presentation Template

Although the main theme of this template is based on a Disney character, the design itself looks very clean and minimalistic. The palette is dominated by only two colors: green and white, sometimes there are gray elements. On the slides, you can find a large number of infographic elements, without which no presentation can be done.

Multi Medical Powerpoint Template

Last, in the top eight cool simple templates, we will attribute this medical presentation template. It was created according to all the canons of the sphere, in addition, the main palette includes a combination of white and light blue, which are immediately associated with medical purity. The set contains 30 slides, convenient placeholders for moving pictures, and three ready-made color palettes.

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