Should I Buy a Used or New Boat?


Did you know that about 12% of US households own their own boat? People in the US love recreational boating! 

If it’s time for you to buy a boat and join these numbers, you have to pay attention to all of your options. Every boat is a little bit different, so make and model are important, but you’ll also want to think about whether a used or new boat is best for your needs.

Do you know how to determine which boat is the best choice for you? 

Keep reading to find out if you should go for a new boat or a used boat. 

Buying a New Boat

You always know exactly what you’re going to get when you buy a new boat because no one else has driven that boat before! You’ll be able to get the features you want, have trust in the quality, and have no worries about the mechanisms or components being faulty.

If you’re not sure about the features you want, you can check out this blog to get a better idea of what options are available. 

Of course, you’ll also get a great warranty with your boat when you purchase a new one from the boat dealer or the manufacturer.

New boats are more expensive, so you’re going to end up paying more for this option almost always. 

Buying a Used Boat

Price is one of the biggest reasons that you would want to buy a used boat vs. a new boat. You’ll save a lot of money on used boats, and even if you can still find some that are pricey, they will cost less than the new version of the same model.

Used boats have also already depreciated in value a little bit, so you won’t have to worry about the vessel losing even more value after you purchase. 

However, keep in mind that you never know exactly what you’re getting. The boat may not be in the best shape and it may have been driven hard or treated poorly in the past.

You may end up having to replace parts, like seats, levers, gears, and more, which could become an added expense. 

Which Is Best for You?

The ultimate decision about which boat option is right for you is going to come down to your own preferences and requirements.

If the price is most important, you should go with a used boat. If you want to get a boat that has all of the bells and whistles (and a warranty), you should buy a new boat. 

Always keep in mind what you plan to do with the boat, how often you’ll use it, and where you’ll store it. You need to consider all costs upfront to be sure that you’re making a smart financial decision regardless of which boat is the best boat for you. 

Be Smart and Purchase a Boat That Works

Buying a used or new boat is an exciting process, and if you plan to use your boat a lot, it should be something that is taken very seriously. Weigh all of the options that you have available before you make your decision.

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