Stop Stressing About the Safety of Your Dog With the best containment system


Are you worried about safety of your dog? In this article we will tell you about the best pet containment system. One of the most important parts of owning a dog is creating a place for them in the outdoors to enjoy themselves. An electric fence is the best way to provide safety and liberty to your four-legged friends. But it is quite difficult to select which pet control system will be of great use to you and your family. There are many kinds of dog fences available in the market – invisible electric dog fences, spot-on fences, underground dog fences, wireless dog fences, and pet containment systems.

These fences are further classified into wired and wireless. They are mainly differentiated based on how boundaries are set. A perimeter is created using wires underground in the wired dog fences, while an invisible barrier is created using a radio signal in the wireless dog fences.

Advantages of installing electric fences over traditional ones:

Electric pet fences have a large number of advantages as compared to the traditional form of fences. Here are a few points mentioned:

  • Electric pet fences can cover areas in terrain that are not suitable for fences, such as woodlands, waters, and hills.
  • The views or the appearance of the property are never altered or affected. For large pieces of property, a cost-effective option is invisible pet containment systems.
  • Minimal maintenance is required as the pet containment system is installed; this is because they never need painstaking repairs painting or staining.
  • Pet owners can also create custom boundaries with invisible fencing systems. Fencing that is traditional is eye-spring and impractical.
  • Inside the electric containment system, your four-legged friend will be absolutely safe as they will neither be able to climb over nor dig under the fences as was possible in the traditional fencing system.

The main point is the safety of the pet. This is the reason why they have a very popular option for secondary fencing.

Working of Wired and wireless dog fences:

The wired and wireless dog fences work in quite a similar way but have certain differences.

  • Wired electric dog defenses allow you to design an area of any shape and size for the four-legged best friend to enjoy. A radio signal is sent through the electronic transmitter through the wire boundary, which has been buried just a few inches away from the owner’s yard. The radio signals sent through the boundary are received and detected by the wireless collar that is worn by the dog. If the border is approached by the pet, then a warning tone is issued by the collar, and a short static correction, which is very safe, is issued if the pet proceeds further.
  • Wireless dog electric fences are also completely similar in their functioning to wired electric fences. Here also, it is detected if the pet moves out of the decided boundary by the wireless collar worn by the pet. A warning tone is issued by the collar that your dog has been wearing if the dog has reached the established edge. A safe and static short of correction is given if the dog continues to walk towards the end of the fencing.

A circular fielder is called the containment circle, and your dog must be staying within this circle. Customized areas for your dog cannot be created, but you can decrease and increase the size of the circular field. Step-by-step training instructions, temporary flags for training, and tools for pets and owners that are required for training are provided by most of the electric fencing systems.

Your electric fence may be extremely good, but still, there are chances when the dog runs away through the electric dog fence. What might be the main cause of dogs running through the electric fence?

The problem lies in!

Wired pet fences create a boundary that is hidden around your property so that your pet remains contained. They are training tools. Therefore, if there is some problem with the containment system, then it can no longer keep your pets within the boundaries.

  • Certain things that you can go through to see if your system is working:
  • The boundary width should always be set to the best distance.
  • Batteries in the collar should always be checked.
  • While passing over the fence just check if the collar of your pet is working well or not.
  • The transmitter dial should be turned up.
  • You should always make sure that your dog is groomed well or not. This will get the collar closer to the skin.
  • Keep in mind about plugging in everything.

Many stubborn pups do not refrain from staying within the boundary. Correcting the dogs through the collars is not always enough. Walk with your dogs to the boundaries and reintroduce them to them. Some dogs suffer from barrier frustration. This happens when the other dogs or cats are seen beyond their boundaries.

This is quite a big problem for the dog’s owner, but it is possible to overcome it. But, if you feel that this is not why your dog is going out of the boundaries but because the fencing system is not working properly, you should call the manufacturing company and get your complaint filed against the electric dog fencing system. They will be reaching out to you as soon as possible and help you get rid of the problem. You can also try pet carrier to carry your pets, to know more read the article.

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