How Product Boxes can Add Value in Your Product?


Did you know product boxes can add value to your product? It is one of the most basic ways of marketing, the ways of increasing the value of your product by using various resources in hand.

Product Boxes can Add Value to the Product

There are several ways to increase the value of the product. The best of the ways are some of these;

By increasing the quality of the actual product.
By increasing the speed of deliveries if the product is ordered.
By providing the advice of experts along with the product.
By improving the service for the customers.
By keeping things simple.

Last but not least one is by improving the designs of the packaging of the product.
This section solely focuses on the last point which is, improving the designs of product boxes.

What is the psychology behind it?

Why does a simple box have a different value than the customized packaging of a product? Why do people think that merely putting something extra on the boxes and making their design better actually makes the product better?

It is in the psyche of a human mind to get attracted to the things that they find more beautiful, in every aspect of life. Everyone wants a beautiful home, a good-looking car, the best makeup kits, and top-of-the-notch clothes, and obviously, they want all these things because they look better than the rest of the simple ones. Mankind also evolved because of the same reason, that they need something better. Since the beginning of time, people tend to change things. People tend to improvise and they have to because it is in their nature. From carts to motor cars, from cycles to motorcycles, and from traveling on boats to flying across nations, every single innovation was because of this reason that people need comfort and something better. The kind of cars that were manufactured in the eighty century is totally different from the ones that are being manufactured on this very day.

Boats have been transformed into huge cruise ships, simple Fokker jets are transformed into huge business-class aircraft and every single thing that we use daily has been improvised because of the sole reason that humans want better. Hence, the same is the case with product packaging, people will automatically get lured toward the type of packaging that looks more beautiful than the rest and toward the ones that are more innovative than the previous ones.

Why the added value?

People will definitely want to debate this, why charge more for the same product but with better packaging that costs just the same?

The added cost is actually because of the idea, there are real jobs out in companies that just pay for the ideas. Ideas for increasing sales, ideas for scripts in filmmaking, ideas for designing, ideas for marketing, and many more. It is always the idea that adds value to anything at all. It must have been an idea of a great mind to wrap up the gifts, and products and put them in boxes for product packaging.

How does this Idea work?

As discussed earlier, it is in the psyche of humans to be tempted towards things that look mesmerizing and breathtaking. It is as simple as it can get, you go shopping for a watch. Entering the outlet you will definitely see the packaging of those watches, the first thing that is going to attract you is evidently the watch but what about the second thing? The thing that is adding an extra value and clearly doing its work because you do notice the packaging of it. That is how you come to decide what watch you are going to buy.

Another reason

It is not always the reason that custom packaging attracts the customer, there is another reason why people go for better packaging and give extra money just for the added value due to it. It is because people also tend to show off. For instance, while giving gifts and presents to other people, the one giving away would want the other person to think that it is an expensive gift. And they mostly think that way even if a gift is not too expensive, the product packaging and the added value because it leads them to think that it actually might be costly.

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