5 Reasons Why You Must Try out the Zoho One Suite


Do you know about Zoho One Suite? How it works and what are the benefits? Don’t worry, here we will tell you everything. All businesses want to get the most out of their money for every investment that they would make. It includes buying tools that could help them simplify their operations. They would invest in items that come with different features that will provide various solutions for different business aspects as much as possible. One of the tools that fit this description perfectly is the Zoho One operating system.

The customizable suite comes with over 35 integrated web applications, and additional mobile apps meant to make the business process easier. If you have still not decided if you want to invest in this business app solution for your company, here are several reasons why acquiring it must be on top of your priorities.

#1: Zoho One Costs Less Than Your Average Internet Bill

Who would have thought that an all-in-one business suite like Zoho One comes at a very affordable price? The most basic pricing for this app comes in as little as $30 per month. It is even lower than the cheapest average monthly Internet price in Australia, which could reach up to $59.90 each month.

#2: No More Missed Emails

Was there ever an instance when you opened an email and then had to scroll all over your inbox to find it several days later? Or did you ever accidentally delete an email only to realize that you still need it after several weeks? With the help of the SalesInbox that was part of the Zoho CRM, this will never be a problem. The Zoho app can seamlessly gather, manage, and organize all your emails from various accounts and place them on a single platform. It will reduce the time you will waste as you look into all the emails you receive for a certain time.

#3: Organise Social Media In One Place

Nowadays, social media started to dominate today’s culture. Thus, all businesses must understand how to use it to boost their brand awareness and advertise all their products and services through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites. However, posting on different social media platforms regularly can be a tedious task. If you invest in a CRM like Zoho One, you may link all your accounts in one app and then post your announcements or updates simultaneously in one click. This tool will also allow you to monitor and evaluate your social media presence conveniently.

#4: Unlimited Support

One of the best things that businesses enjoy when investing in Zoho One is its 24/7 support all year long. No matter where you are or in any time zone you are in, you may call Zoho’s reliable support team to help fix any issues that may come your way. You may also chat with their online representatives to give a solution, even if it is already 3 a.m. on the weekend.

#5: Integrate With Other Google Apps

Some people are wary about investing in a new web application suite because they cannot transfer all their contacts, emails, and other appointments to the new app. But with the use of Zoho One, all the Google accounts accessed through your smartphone or laptop are automatically linked to the Zoho suite. It means that you can start using the features of the suite without any delays.

Because of these reasons, you will realize that Zoho One can be an affordable, highly useful, and stress-free tool that can help make the operation of your business more convenient. So if you still need time to think about investing in this integrated suite, you can consider all these factors to speed up your decision.

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