10 Killer Mobile App Development Trends 2022


In 2021, the number of available apps in the Google Play Store reached 2.56 million applications, which shows the growing interest in Android app development services. In 2022, the number of mobile apps will grow exponentially. They will solve various work-related and personal consumer tasks. 

Mobile App Development Trends

To stay competitive in the mobile app market, you should be aware of technology trends that will be up-to-date in 2022. In this article, we’ll reveal 10 killer mobile app development trends that will make your product different from your competitors.

Super Apps

The concept of multi-purpose apps came from the Asian region when Chinese WeChat was introduced to the market. Why is it so popular? Just realize that one app combines the features of several apps, including social networks, mobile payments, transportation, shopping, etc. Users no longer download separate apps for all these operations, which significantly enhances user experience and saves the smartphone’s memory storage.

Super apps have already entered the European market by 2021. One of the most brilliant examples is Yandex Go which includes taxi services, public transport tracking, food delivery, and goods delivery. In 2022, the concept will continue to expand to regional markets. Thus, Statista predicts that the market revenue of super apps in Russia will grow by 134 billion U.S. dollars. 

Artificial Intelligence

Another trend that will have a great impact on mobile app development is Artificial Intelligence. According to Gartner’s forecast, global revenue from AI software will reach 62.5 billion dollars in 2022. The technology will be applied in a wide variety of applications, including virtual assistants, digital workplaces, etc. Chatbots, voice assistants, biometric identification, and intelligent recommendations are just several AI capabilities that have been pushing the mobile app development market.

Video-Link Software

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the demand for video-link software increased as it was the only way of communication with colleagues and relatives. In 2022, the demand for video-link software will continue to grow, which will encourage developers to add new capabilities to its functionality. With the rising popularity of this technology, it will expand the areas where high-quality video-link software can be beneficial. For example, healthcare providers will continue to adopt telemedicine services, while for the e-commerce industry, video-link technologies may become a solution to a better customer experience. 

3D Graphics

3D graphics are no longer used only for visual attractiveness but for obtaining more business value. Modern technologies allow developers to embed 3D graphics directly into mobile apps. In the coming year, the trend will remain especially strong in the e-commerce industry. 3D images and videos are now more interactive and allow shoppers not only to view a product from all sides but also to customize the product they would like to purchase. And this is just one use case. Thus, 3D graphics have a great potential for being trendy in 2022. 

Data Visualization to Find Insights

In the times of data playing an important role in our lives, data visualization is essential for improving user engagement. It also helps businesses recognize patterns in data and make data-driven decisions. Before the emergence of smartphones, data visualization was adopted for desktop applications and web browsers. Now there’s a quite different approach to data visualization that should be well-viewed on mobile devices, too.

The recent statistics report that as of February 2021, mobile devices made up 56% of Internet traffic. And it’s not surprising that people use mobile devices for entertainment and work – they read, research, and execute work-related tasks. That’s why data visualization should be mobile-friendly, while in 2022, mobile developers will follow the mobile-first approach when they embed visual data in web portals and applications. 

Algorithms for Detecting Fake Information

The Internet expansion has led to massive amounts of information over the network. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes that emerge regularly. To eliminate users’ disinformation mobile and web developers apply special algorithms that help separate fake information from the true one. Numerous use cases demonstrate how serious the issue is. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic generated numerous fake news on Twitter, so AI engineers suggested a method based on natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning to detect fake tweets with an accuracy of 79%. In 2022, the trend will stay relevant as the amount of fake news is rapidly increasing. 

Cross-Platform Support

Many businesses choose cross-platform development to reduce overall development costs. Indeed, cross-platform technologies allow them to create one app that will work on all platforms as if they were native applications. This also means fewer developers involved in the projects and a faster time to market. In 2022, this tendency will be still relevant, while cross-platform technologies will be upgraded by their creators.

Virtual Reality

By 2021, Virtual Reality will be mostly popular in the entertainment industry, including gaming, movies, and television. However, according to Finance Online, VR has also been successfully adopted in healthcare (38%), education (28%), manufacturing (21%), workforce development (24%), and marketing (16%). The statistics show that along with gaming and entertainment, VR has the potential to streamline other industries, and the pandemic has accelerated its growth significantly.

Anonymity and Security

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to go online. As a result, hackers were quick to exploit the situation, for instance, Deloitte reports that 47% of individuals fall for phishing while working at home. And this is just one out of numerous examples. Another popular cyberattack is related to mobile payments. Thus, ensuring the anonymity and security of consumers’ private data will remain one of the key aspects of mobile app development in 2022.

Design Trends in App Development

While speaking about 2022’s trends in the mobile app development industry, it’s impossible to skip design trends. Here are a few design trends that will remain trendy in the coming year:

  • Neumorphism in UI interfaces will help users feel they can reach out to an object as a real-life experience.
  • Minimalistic design that will prevent eye fatigue will be more popular among mobile users.
  • 2022 will bring back large headlines and a few images.
  • Augmented Reality will help with physical interactions.


The above-mentioned trends provide a quick overview of mobile development technologies that will be relevant in 2022. The trends are rapidly evolving, and if you rely only on the past year’s trends, you’ll fail to survive in the mobile market conditions. Thus, when hiring a mobile application development company to deliver your project, ask them for a professional consultation on what trends may be beneficial for your mobile product.

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