How Much Does it Cost to Replace a MacBook Screen?


In this article, we will highlight the MacBook screen replacement cost. So, without any details, let’s dive in! If you have a MacBook screen damaged due to any reason and you want to replace it, let me tell you you might have a question in mind how much does it cost to replace a MacBook screen? A MacBook is a dream PC designed and manufactured by Apple. It is known for its high-quality buildability, sleek design, and powerful hardware.

MacBook was first introduced in the year 2006, which was discontinued in 2011, and later resurrected in 2015 as a lighter and thinner model. Since then, several renowned models of MacBook have been released that might require their screens to be replaced.

Several factors like the model of the MacBook, reason for damage, and others, determine the cost of the MacBook screen replacement. If you own a MacBook and its screen is damaged, you must go for a replacement. Do you know you can use the Apple Butterfly keyboard with your Mac? This is one of the amazing keyboards for Mac users.

Signs You Must Replace Your MacBook Screen

Here are some signs that you must look out for before replacing your MacBook screen:

  • Distorted and flickering display of your MacBook screen
  • Distorted colors and images like lines, unusual color shifts, and pixelation
  • Screen artifacts or ghosting caused by a faulty display panel or graphics card
  • The frozen or unresponsive display is caused by the graphics card and a faulty screen
  • Intermittent screen blackouts for a short period
  • The MacBook screen is deteriorating gradually
  • Shattered or cracked screen
  • Touchscreen is unresponsive
  • Dim, uneven, flickering, or no backlight
  • Inconsistent color shifts or tints faded or dull colors
  • Excessive damage or scratches on the screen
  • Accumulation of debris and dirt on the screen

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A MacBook Screen?

The service provider, the location, and your MacBook model determine the cost of replacing the MacBook screen. On average, MacBook screen replacement costs range between $150 to $750 and more. While going for a replacement, choose a service offering a 1-year warranty. Also, if you want you can extend the life of your MacBook hard drive.

MacBook Screen Replacement Price List

Here is the complete cost to replace the MacBook Air screen list:

MacBook Model Screen MacBook Pro screen replacement cost
Apple MacBook A1278 Screen Replacement Price $78.01
Apple MacBook A2179 Screen Replacement Price $168.04
Apple MacBook A1706 Screen Replacement Price $168.04
Apple MacBook A2442 M1 Chip Screen Replacement Price $540.15
Apple MacBook A1708 Screen Replacement Price $168.04
Apple MacBook A1989 Screen Replacement Price $168.04
MacBook A1990 Screen Replacement Price $456.14
Apple MacBook A2159 Screen Replacement Price $168.04
Apple MacBook A2289 Screen Replacement Price $168.04
Apple MacBook M1 A2338 Screen Replacement Price $216.06
Apple MacBook Pro A2141 Screen Replacement Price $480.13
Apple MacBook A1932 Screen Replacement Price $240.04
Apple MacBook Air M1 23377 Screen Replacement Price $144.02
Apple MacBook A1369 Screen Replacement Price $114.01
Apple MacBook A1466 Screen Replacement Price $84.01
Apple MacBook A1370 Screen Replacement Price $114.01
Apple MacBook A1465 Screen Replacement Price $114.01

Things To Consider When Choosing a Repair Shop

Here is the complete list you must consider when choosing the right repair shop for MacBook screen replacement:

1. Reputation

Choosing a service provider who has a great reputation in the market is important to avail best services. You can check Google reviews, and talk to your family, friends, and co-workers before landing on a decision. This ensures your MacBook is in safe hands.

2. Knowledgeable and friendly

The company’s staff must be friendly and knowledgeable enough to understand the problem and find solutions. You must be able to discuss things with them without feeling awkward to ensure you get the best services.

3. Cost

Before making the final decision, get the quote and compare it with different shops and services. Sometimes, certain repair shops are more budget-friendly; thus, you must choose wisely. Some factors that affect the overall cost of MacBook screen replacement are your model, location, services offered, and others.

4. Data Privacy

Your MacBook has several private and personal information that you may not want to share with anyone. This information needs to be kept private and protected. While choosing a service provider, make sure your data remains protected. The professionals may sometimes log into your MacBook during the repair process; thus, be sure in advance.

Wrapping Up

Getting your MacBook screen replaced is an important investment for the smooth functioning of your PC. The Apple MacBook Pro screen replacement cost may differ; however, there are several renowned services that you can rely on. If you are seeing defects in the Macbook screen, get it checked and repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Mention the cost of replacing the MacBook Pro screen?

The cost to replace the MacBook screen ranges between $250 to $300 for most models. The price is around $170 to $180 for the A1466 model; the A2337 model is $429 for the entire display and $299 for the LCD, and the A1279 and A1932 models are $299. This price may change based on location, services offered, experience, and more.

2. Can I do a MacBook screen replacement at home?

Yes, you can replace the MacBook screen on your own at home; however, you need some special tools for replacement. Since the repair is generally difficult, it is advised to get expert help so that you do not cause further damage.

3. How much time does it take to repair the MacBook screen?

On average, it takes around 24 to 48 hours to repair a MacBook screen based on its complexities or damages. Generally, shops take a buffer time of 3-5 days.

4. In what cases should I get my screen changed?

Some of the reasons why you must change your MacBook screen are:

  • Physical damage
  • Dim screen
  • Cracks or breaks
  • Dead pixels
  • No image or signal
  • Flickering screen
  • Blurry or ghost images
  • Distorted colors or contrast
  • Blobs, lines, and spots on the screen
  • Fading of the backlight

5. Does a warranty come up after changing the screen?

Yes, in most cases, there is a one-year warranty, which the service provider gives. You must ask this beforehand for clarity.

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