Jonathan Groth: A great club from Poland and the beautiful region of Warmia and Mazury


– I’m playing my second season at a club from Poland , Dekorglass Działdowo. This is a great team with ambitious goals. We represent the beautiful region of Warmia and Masuria, called the Land of a Thousand Lakes. I invite fans from Denmark and all over Europe to visit Poland and Działdowo,” – said Jonathan Groth, one of the best table tennis players playing in polish Lotto Superleague.

– After many years in foreign teams, I have the pleasure of playing in Dekorglass Działdowo. It’s a Polish club with a 20-year history. In a short period of time it has created a team that belongs to the European top, and the confirmation is the gold, silver and bronze medals in the Europe Cup and the title of Polish Champion,”- said Jonathan Groth.
In Dekorglass I play with great players Jakub Dyjas, Kaii Konishi, and our coach is Michal Dziubański.

– This season we have set ourselves the goal of regaining the Polish Championship and advancing to the Final Four of the Champions League. I wish we had fans from Denmark at our matches. I know that table tennis is a sport liked in my country. It would be amazing if my wonderful compatriots would join the fantastic Polish fans of Dekorglass. I invite you to Działdowo on December 5th for the match against the Austrian team SolexConsult TT Wiener Neustadt. It’s one of the key matches in the Champions League,” Jonathan Groth believes. believes Jonathan Groth.

I invite you to visit all of Poland. Działdowo, known as the “Gateway to Mazury,” is a great place for short or long-term relaxation. Działdowo is a great place for a short- or long-term rest. I also recommend Gdansk, which has an interesting history and is easily and quickly accessible by plane. We also have our training base in this city located on the Baltic Sea,” added the Danish representative.

Działdowo and the Działdowo County are attractive tourist destinations for people from Poland, Europe, and Asia. City and surrounding area offer the opportunity to spend time actively, such as cycling or exploring water routes by kayak and other water equipment. A highly popular tourist trail, passing through Działdowo, is the “Grunwald Trail.


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