Most Effective Instagram Tools to Increase Followers Quickly


As Instagram grows, the competition increases. So, if you’re currently not doing well on the platform, you need to use Instagram tools or Instagram growth services to increase followers quickly.

Some of the most effective Instagram tools you can use are ViralUpgrade, Hootsuite, and Iconosquare. Some of these professional tools are free, while others are subscription-based. For instance, ViralUpgrade is subscription-based, while Hootsuite is free and has a paid version.

But no matter what, these apps are effective for growing your account and can even help you gain Instagram Arab followers. There are still other options, which we will discuss below. Keep reading to learn more.

Best Tools for Increasing Followers on Instagram

The best Instagram tools to increase followers quickly offer unique features ranging from publishing to reporting. All these features facilitate the workflow of your account. Also, one thing that joins these tools is the time-saving benefit they offer users.

Here are a few examples of the best Instagram tools you can use to grow your followers in a short while.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a great Instagram tool that offers many functionalities. Many users find this tool handy for social marketing, publishing, engagement, and reporting purposes.
Here are some of its important features you should know about:

Key Features of Sprout Social

1. Mobile Grid Preview Function

The mobile preview function of this tool gives it an edge over others. Sprout Social mobile preview lets you preview all your posts in a grid view. This gives you a clear sample of how your published posts would appear.

An additional feature you might find interesting is the displayed date on the grid preview. The date indicates when the posts will be published. But you will need to click the grid icon at the message schedule to preview your scheduled messages in grid view.

2. Relevant Post Creator

Sprout Social tool generates posts relevant to multiple social media platforms. So, scheduling apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at a time is easy.

This feature helps save ample time while achieving the most out of your work. However, you must make some extra modifications to it. For example, Twitter and Facebook would need some links attached, while Instagram would require some hashtags too.

This is something you’ll need to do manually.

3. Well-Presented Ad Comments

Many social media marketers appreciate the need to engage their audiences with ad content. But it’s not enough to create the ad if you do not respond to the comments. Sprout Social helps you achieve this with ease.

All you need to do is connect to your Ad Account on Facebook but as extra profiles. Connecting to your Facebook Ad Account initiates your discussion session with your respondents. Your organic content is not excluded from this discussion session.

4. Keywords Optimization

The Sprout Social Instagram tool also comes in handy when you need to Brand Keywords on your account.

For accounts that already have the Brand Keywords set up, Sprout Social can also help you optimize these keywords. This is possible through the Search Operators function of the tool.

For example, if other users caption your brand Sprout Coffee Inc. but you need Sprout Coffee Co., it’s easy to add the OR search operator using this feature.

5. Tracking Message Performance By Type

Another benefit of Sprout Social is the tracking of message performance. You can achieve this through the Message Tagging feature but on Professional and Advanced Plans.

This tool enables you to customize your message tracking, particularly the incoming and outgoing ones, to suit your social media objectives. This feature falls under the report category of the Sprout Social tool.

Often you may get negative messages, and other times, positive messages. With the Message Tagging feature, you can track the number of negative and positive messages you have Received.

How To Use Sprout Social

A visual illustration better explains the steps on how to use Sprout Social. If you wish to learn the process of how to apply this tool, this YouTube video will help you achieve just that.


In a world where quick engagement and fast gratification are on the rise, ViralUpgrade has become the number one option for businesses. Users implement the ViralUpgrade tool in cases when they need an automated service for growing their Instagram accounts.

Here are some of its key features.

Key Features of ViralUpgrade

1. Leverage to Curb your Method of Operation

The tool allows you to access different functions, such as advanced targeting and analytics.
With the advanced targeting feature, you can save ample time while the tool targets the right audience for you. The analytics function, on the other hand, gives you information on the best strategies to generate the best content for your visitors.

2. Supports Live Chats

You don’t have to worry about the tool’s regulations and protocols due to the provision of the live chat support feature. This feature enables users to learn more about it for effective application.

3. Smartboost AI Function

With the Smartboost AI feature, you can have a secure ROI and data-driven account. This feature guarantees a seamless user experience, making searching for more followers simple.

How to use ViralUpgrade

This YouTube video explains how to use the ViralUpgrade Instagram tool. Several intending users appreciate a visual description more than a written one. It gives them a clearer picture of each step necessary for the tool’s application.


The main function of the Hootsuite Instagram tool is to syndicate, schedule, and plan your social posts. This is helpful as users can save time and still accomplish their Instagram account objectives.

Key Features of Hootsuite

1. Manage Potential Campaigns

With Hootsuite, users have the leverage to plan and manage upcoming campaigns in real time. Hootsuite also provides recommendations based on the real-time campaigns they’ve created. These recommendations are vital for scheduling the perfect time to share posts on social media. It does this in line with the social profiles of the user.

2. Easy Account Management

Manage your accounts with ease using the Hootsuite Instagram tool. This feature is helpful for curbing your accounts and viewing all your channels on social media.
With this advantage, it’ll be easy to assess your messages and posts.

3. Easy Post Creation and Scheduling

Hootsuite’s publishing feature makes creating new posts simple and fast. With this feature, you can also craft a schedule for several social media accounts at once.
This is quite handy as it helps users to manage time and achieve more.

4. Keeps Users Ahead of Incoming Messages

By keeping you ahead of incoming messages, we mean having the leverage to communicate with multiple networks at once. Aside from this function, you can also increase positive reactions, reply to queries, and publish your messages for other teammates to see with a click of a button.

How To Use Hootsuite

To apply this tool to your Instagram account, simply use this YouTube video. It provides an extensive explanation of how to use the Hootsuite social media app on your account.
So, what are the important features of this tool, and how are they helpful to Instagram users?


Iconosquare is another Instagram tool that works well for managing social media accounts. Additionally, this tool helps users develop their strategies for digital marketing.
Also, Iconosquare can provide analytics for your Instagram account. It also functions well for other social media apps like Twitter and Facebook.

Key Features of Iconosquare

1. Analytics

Do you feel the need to uncover trends on social media? You can achieve this by using the Iconosquare tool. View your brand performance with the simplified graph of this tool. Additionally, you can track your followers and the level of their engagement on your account.

2. Impression and Reach of Your Posts

Iconosquare allows you to check the number of accounts accessing your stories and posts. It also gives you a report on the online followers, impression history, and more.

3. Performance of Page

Although this feature works best for Facebook, Instagram users can still benefit from its advantage. As the name suggests, you can easily track the growth of the views on your page through the performance page feature. Also, this feature enables you to see how many likes and unlikes you have on your account.

Finally, you can tell the tab with the highest views and access your clicks’ history.

How To Use Iconosquare

Learning how to use the Iconosquare social media tool is easier with a visual illustration. Check out this YouTube video for insight on how to apply this tool to your Instagram account.

Wrap Up

The rising competition on the Instagram social media platform creates the need for additional effort from its users. So, many are opting for certain Instagram tools to increase followers quickly. These tools are essential to stay on top of your Instagram game.

A few of these tools include Sprout Social, Iconosquare, ViralUpgrade, and Hootsuite. Although there are several other options, these tools are the most effective for your Instagram followers’ growth. Some offer both the free version and premium features. But it’s best to get the paid version for your advanced features.

Hope you like the post top Instagram tools to increase followers quickly, if still you have any tools or recommendations, feel free to reach out using email.

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