Instagram Feed On Website is New Marketing Trend


The Social media world is changing rapidly with constant technological advancements, fresh trends, growing social media influence, and dynamic consumer demands.

One such trend is to embed Instagram feeds on websites. Social media separately is highly beneficial for any business but when you integrate it into your website, you can unlock a plethora of opportunities.

Why Embed Instagram Feed on Website?

Instagram is an immensely popular social media platform among users and brands with over a billion monthly active users and millions of active brands.

It is a visual-heavy platform with a tremendous rate of user engagement comparatively along with various other benefits that we have listed below:

  • Attract a new and wider audience
  • Enhance user engagement and interaction with your business
  • Increase website vibrancy and attractivity
  • Create a hub of engaging visual content
  • Build social proof through UGC display
  • Develop a positive brand image on digital media
  • Grow your social following and influence
  • Increase your conversions and sales

Now that we know the benefits of embedding an Instagram feed widget on your website. We have a few ways by which you can Embed your Instagram feed on the website easily and quickly.

Ways to Embed Instagram Feeds on Website

1. Embed from Instagram

Instagram gives you the functionality to embed a post directly using a laptop or desktop device. It is quite simple and one-dimensional where you can go to the post you want to embed and from the menu section, select EMBED.

You will get an HTML code that you can paste on the webpage of your website where you want to embed it and publish it.

The downside is that you don’t get the option of adding multiple posts in a single attempt and you need to do it individually for each and every post. This reduces the engagement quality of the feed.

Besides, if the post gets deleted from Instagram then the post on your website will no longer be available. Also, violation of API guidelines by Instagram can lead to your API access being revoked.

2. Embed Instagram feed On the website using Instagram Aggregator

This is probably the best and most effective way to integrate Instagram into your website. It helps you to Buy Instagram views at iDigic. Instagram aggregator lets you aggregate content from Instagram using hashtags, handles, profiles, etc. into a single feed.

Then it gives you the option to customize the feed by changing the theme, fonts, and colors, adding custom posts, highlighting content, adding a background, banners, etc. Also, you can manage the content quality with a moderation panel and restrict profane or irrelevant content.

Once you customize the feed, then you can embed it simply by the given HTML code. The best part is that it is interactive and gets real-time updates to display fresh and unique content.

It also has various other features for more personalization and effectiveness. You even get the option to embed it based on your website-building platforms like WordPress, Wix, HTML, Shopify, and more.

3. Embed with Widgets/Plugin

If your website is built on the WordPress platform then you might know by now that there are plugins and widgets available for most digital activities. So is the case with an Instagram feed widget.

Instagram feed on the website gives you the functionality to change the feed layout, choose from diverse themes, resize for better compatibility, aggregate content resourcefully, and much more.

This makes your job easier as you can make a personalized and clear Instagram feed that can be embedded anywhere on your website easily and efficiently.

Although these Widgets/plugins are free to use if you want to use some advanced features provided by them then you need to pay an extra cost to unlock them.

4. Embed Screenshots

This is the simplest way to embed an Instagram feed on the website. You just need to go to the post that you want to embed from Instagram and just take a screenshot.

Now you can paste that screenshot wherever you want on your website as an Instagram feed. The downside though is that it is not interactive, and clickable, and adding multiple images might affect your website optimization.

The good part is that you can create a collage of multiple posts and add your own customizations to it. This will make it more engaging and effective for the users. Also, you don’t have to worry about the API guidelines from Instagram and can keep the post even after it has been deleted from Instagram.


Now that we have listed the benefits and ways through which you can embed Instagram feeds on the website. It is up to you to decide how you want to do it and what objectives it can fulfill for your business.

Especially if you have a considerable amount of user-generated content on Instagram, then it can help you harness the power of UGC for your website with just a single feed.

We all are aware that in this digital age, social media promotion is quite necessary as most of your audience is using social media daily. Once you find embedding Instagram to be successful for your website, then you can also move to embed social media feeds.

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