How to Increase Your DA PA to Rank in Search Engines?


Ranking in search engines depends upon the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. A website gets ranked only after it is completely optimized, and possesses quality content. Each factor of SEO (Search engine optimization) is discussed below. Optimizing these factors will help you increase the DA and PA of your website.

Onpage SEO

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the optimization of every single element which is visible on the webpage. It means, in on-page SEO, one optimizes everything that is visibly available on the website. On-page SEO involves many other factors; some of them are discussed separately.

Meta descriptions

A meta description is the availability of descriptive lines about the information or knowledge contained in a webpage. People do not open any webpage before reading the Meta description. When you search “Prepostseo plagiarism checker”, you will see the URL of the tool. The lines below URL is the meta description of the available URL/webpage.

Use H1, H2 tags properly

Google or other search engines rank the content which is in an orderly arrangement. Thus, try to manage H1 and H2 tags. Suppose, your webpage contains information about the “DA PA tool”, your H1 tag should be “All about DA PA”, and if you are willing to write on the benefits of Prepostseo da pa checker in the same article, then it should be H2 as it becomes the same secondary function of this tool.

Url structure

URL structure has a great impact on the on-page SEO of a website. It means you have to optimize all webpages URLs according to the content available on the page.

Keyword researching

Content is king only if you choose the right words for your blog or website. Thus, you must know how to do keyword researching so that you could understand the intent of your visitors or users whom you are to target for your website.

Add internal links

Have you ever observed that if a user likes your content on a particular page of a website? You should try to engage him with another webpage. It will increase the chances for more sales and leads, also the revenue from Google Adsense or other advertising platforms can increase.

Offpage SEO

What is the off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is the optimization of a website on the back of the visible features. It means we are not doing or coding for a website but getting authority for it using link building techniques. Natural links are the most important and authoritative backlinks for your website.

What are the types of link building?

There are several types of link building, but the most important and worth mentioning are below ones.

Natural link building

Natural link building is a type of getting backlinks for a website. In this process, a user reads your content and starts to like it. Thus, he wants his audience to read your content, and put the “anchor text” in an editorial style, then hyperlinks the URL of your website. You have got a link.

Bloggers outreach

In modern SEO, many things have changed. You must know that SEO is changing according to time and search engines. You might rank in Google but Bing can penalize your website because the technique used for Google may harm Bing’s TOS.

Bloggers outreach is a link building technique used to get a backlink. In this, a website owner reaches a blogger, and asks for backlinks.

Backlinks creation through other methods

There are other methods for backlinks as well. You can create links to your website through the following techniques as well.

  • Blog commenting
  • Social bookmarking
  • Profile creation
  • Technical SEO
  • Website speed
  • The speed of the website should be good to increase your DA and PA.

Domain name and hosting

The domain name does not act as a factor for ranking yet it should be according to the niche. The URL path affects your SEO. Thus, try to add your desired keyword in the URL path. Your server and good hosting play an important role in ranking as well as DA and PA.

Breadcrumb menu for your all webpages

Each web page should be a validated breadcrumb because Google suggests having breadcrumbs for each of your website pages.

Having https

Secure websites have higher DA and PA, thus, such website ranks as well in search engines. Thus, convert your website to https. For this, you must have a valid SSL certificate.

Register your website to Webmaster tools

There are webmaster tools from search engines which provide guidelines for good rankings in search engines. Google called its webmaster tool as “Google Search Console”. It can be used to track issues on your website. It also suggests you make changes where necessary.

Use hreflang tag

Hreflang tag is important to use because it tells search engines that you are using their primary language.

Add schema tags

Schema tags are very important for websites. How can Google know what are your purposes of having a website? After adding schema tags, Google will know you better, and chances for the ranking increase as well. DA and PA can also be affected by schema tags.

Use robots.txt file

Robots.txt file is also suggested by Google to use in the root directory of your website. It will make search engines know which pages are allowed to be crawled, and which have been blocked for security purposes.

Submit sitemap to Google and other search engines

A sitemap is necessary to be submitted to search engines as it will know correctly how many pages exactly your website has. Thus, you should submit a sitemap to Google Search Console for ranking in Google. Having a submitted sitemap will increase DA and PA as well.

Remove broken links

Sometimes while updating your website, you forget to remove broken links. If you want to improve your DA and PA, you must remove broken or ill links from your website.

Optimize images and videos on your website

It is important to use current generation images and videos format. Try to optimize them fully as well to increase your DA and PA of the website.

How to find the Domain Authority (DA) of your website

After doing all the things, you should have an accurate domain authority and page authority checker so that accurate results can be achieved.

Prepostseo da pa checker is one of the great DA and PA checking tools. It is a bulk da pa checker. You should use this tool for checking DA and PA of your website. It is designed especially for this purpose so it can deliver exact reports. To get information about the DA and PA of your website, you should use Prepostseo as it is secure and authentic.

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