How to Bypass Phone Number Verification on Any Online Service


Do you know how to bypass phone number verification? There are many various online services available on the internet right now. But even though they all are designed to serve different goals, more and more of them are regularly becoming like mobile services by implementing mandatory mobile phone number verification. Because of this, some people find it impossible to sign up for certain websites and apps as they don’t have an available phone number or even a mobile phone. This is a big issue in the modern era, which, however, is easily solved by online phone numbers.

How online numbers are used?

Many new users of this feature don’t understand really what is it as well as what is its purpose. There is even such an opinion that online phone numbers are only sets of random digits that cannot be used in any way. This is absolutely fine as it is a relatively new solution on the market.

In fact, online numbers serve the same purposes for which people typically utilize regular mobile phone numbers and even more. The most popular use case is receiving OTP from a variety of websites and apps, or, in other words, bypassing mandatory phone number verification. You can use them to register GCash, WhatsApp, Gmail, or any other service on the web. In addition to allowing users to sign up for various platforms, they also provide the highest level of confidentiality available right now. Online numbers are actively used by people who, for one or another reason, value their online privacy and choose to stay anonymous online.

Internet availability

There is no difference between online and standard phone numbers except the path of use. Online phone numbers are used on the internet through special platforms, which is their most important advantage. It means you can use them to register the required website or app right on your laptop or PC without a mobile phone. You don’t have to worry about being unable to access essential services when having no mobile phone on hand or traveling.

They are also a perfect solution in a situation when it is impossible to sign up for a specific platform with a personal phone number as it comes from a restricted country. For example, those who live in Iran can sign up for US websites and apps using US online numbers and vice versa. It works both ways.

Using an online phone number for registration

SMS-Man offers a simple and convenient option to take advantage of online numbers. It is one of the most known companies in this field. Their users can quickly and easily buy an online phone number of any kind without going through any difficult steps. You can do it too by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for a account.
  2. Refill your balance with one of the offered payment methods.
  3. Select your preferred country for the cellular carrier on the home page of the website.
  4. Use the search bar on the tab that is located beneath the list of countries to find the required website or app.
  5. Click the purchase button to acquire an online phone number.

Your number will be displayed on the home page. It can be used for the intended purpose without having to configure it additionally right after purchase. For this, copy the received online number and proceed to mobile phone number verification on the service it is supposed to work with. When there is a need to provide a phone number to receive a one-time password, paste your number into the appropriate field and go back to SMS-Man. The last step is to click “Get SMS” and use the revealed code to complete verification.

Online phone numbers also allow the creation of multiple accounts on the same website or app. This is so because there are no restrictions on the amount of numbers one person can get and activate. You simply need to perform actions from above repeatedly while using new online phone numbers. There won’t be any problems if you take this route.

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