10 Free After Effects Plugins for Motion Designers [Updated 2024]


In today’s world, there might be hardly any designer who might not be aware of After Effects. A plugin adds a specific function or feature to an already existing software. This software is quite familiar nowadays and also amongst the favorite ones. Actually, most of us rely on the tool for our work. It comes with a variety of free After Effects plugins. Many of them are free, but not all of them are up to mark. Not all of them provide you with great work.

What are After Effects Plugins?

It is a component that is developed by third-party developers. Also, it comes with a variety of plugins. Moreover, not all the time, these plugins are helpful for designers. And yes, not all of them have free versions.

Plugins are known as a piece of software that acts as an add-on to a web browser. It gives the browser additional functionality. They actually allow the browser to exhibit additional content it was not originally planned to represent.

Now we would like to provide you a list of some of the best free After Effects plugins that would help your work. We just hope they are useful to you:

1. Particle builder

It is an effect that allows you to make fire, dust, smoke, awards, energy, magic, and many more. It just provides you with cool visual effects particles in just 1-click. It is effortless to use this free plugin for After Effects and offers you a good and wide variety of effects.

2. Action FX Builder

Action FX Builder is a 2D animation plugin that helps you to make energy, fire, water, explosions, smoke, electricity, and motion shape effects. Due to the 2D animation style, this plugin is excellent for creating transitional effects and unique text.

3. Hi-Tech HUD Builder

This after-effect-free plugin allows you to create HUD(Heads-Up Display) graphics, introductions, overlays, game effects, and transitions. It is a smart plugin that also allows you to create cool effects for events, films, and promotional videos.

4. Free Reflection

It is a free plugin for After Effects that gives you control over 2D shape reflections in a 3D space. You really have full control over a variety of things starting from blur, tint, blend styles, and skew. We would recommend this plugin for presentations, slideshows, and in-product videos.

5. Saber Plugin

If you want awesome and stunning light effects, then the Saber plugin is a must-have plugin. It helps you to create light effects based on strokes, which gives you the ability to create lighting, neon text effects, laser gunfire, and many more. This plugin is really simple to use.

6. Ease and Wizz

This is a useful Plugin for those who are indulged in topography, infographics, and iconography. It gives you the ease to control various in/out animation present, which includes bounce, elastic, sine, and quart.

7. Glitch Builder

As the name suggests, it gives you about 100 outstanding glitch effects for your images, text layers, video, and shapes. You can even control the color, noise, wave, and flicker using this plugin.

8. Deep Glow

Deep Glow is a plugin that gives you command over glow elements. This free Adobe After Effects plugin not only helps you to create shape and text-based glow effects but using this, you can also compose digital effects.

9. Flow

This plugin is handy for those who spend time in keyframing animations. They might be very familiar with the exasperation of After Effects Graph Editor. Flow plugin helps you to handle your animation by replacing graphs and providing you an easy-to-use plugin.

10. Parrot Plugin

It is beneficial for motion graphics work. Besides this, it is an animation system that allows you to designate a layer to be your “Human” or motion master. This layer will enable you to animate motion, shapes, effects, layer styles, and masks.


The plugins listed above are some of the few After Effects plugins free to use. They help to reduce your time and minimize your exasperation. The kind of work you are doing will decide which plugin is great for your work. These editing features make your work smooth and up to the mark, which makes them popular amongst users.

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