8 Creative Punishment Ideas for Kids That Promote Positive Behaviour


Punishing our kids in anger rarely teaches real lessons; it just makes everyone upset.
It’s time to get out of the discipline rut and think outside the box when it comes to consequences.

We are talking about getting on with these 8 creative punishment ideas that can deliver a much more powerful lesson while avoiding miscommunication between you and your children.

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Why Should You Use Creative Punishment Ideas?

Bad behaviour is a sign it’s time to get creative with punishments. Why? Because creative consequences work wonders in 3 powerful ways:

  • They keep things interesting. Repeating the same punishments gets boring fast – for both you and your child. Switching it up keeps kids on their toes, engaged and actually learning from the consequences.
  • Results come quicker. Tailoring punishments to fit the misbehaviour – like doing dishes if late for dinner – doles out instant natural justice that kids “get” immediately. There’s no confusion about why they’re being punished.
  • They stick with kids forever. When a punishment requires real mental and physical effort from your child, it places a deeper root in their mind. Fixing what they broke or writing a thoughtful apology does more to change behaviour long-term than a quick time out.

What Are Some Good Punishment Ideas?

Unleash your imagination when it comes to discipline! You’ll be amazed at how quickly these creative consequences teach real-life lessons and improve behaviour for the long haul.

#1. Time-out with a twist

Letting your kids sit in the corner doing nothing is unproductive and most of the time, they would just completely doze off because who wouldn’t😪. Instead, have them do something calming such as putting their thoughts into a journal. It not only lets them process their emotions but also helps them reflect on their past mistakes.

#2. Assign age-appropriate chores

Your kids don’t show up on time for an important meeting? Make them do extra dishes to teach them how to be punctual.

Do they make a mess on the floor? Give them a broom or a vacuum to clean up. Chores are subtle ways to make them realize each irrational behaviour has its consequences.

#3. Random act of kindness

Want to make your child enjoy a ‘punishment’? Get them to perform a random act of kindness to the people around them. It can be cutting the grass for their neighbours, helping their siblings do homework, or volunteering their time to a local charity.

#4. Write a heartfelt apology letter

If your children have wronged or hurt someone, get them to amend their actions right away by asking them to write a sincere apology letter.

Make sure they know why they want to apologise and include suggested actions to help the wronged person feel better in the letter.

#5. Loss of privileges

Another creative punishment idea for you to try is taking away a privilege temporarily. For example, if your children watch past the agreed screen time, mute their TV and hide the remote control away next time.

Or if they take too much time doing a task and are slacking off, you could pull out the reverse card by doing something they ask you to do way longer than it should.

#6. Decide their own punishment idea

Encourage your children to create their own list of unique consequences for misbehaviour by having them input their ideas on a spinner wheel.

Whenever a consequence is needed, let your child randomly spin the wheel online and carry out the consequence that appeared on it. This can help your child feel more involved in the disciplinary process as they have a hand in coming up with the consequences being used.

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#7. Wear silly costumes

Head to the nearest store and buy a bunch of silly accessories, such as banana hats, 💩 glasses, shirts with cringy text on, etc.

Your foul-behaviour kids will have to put on these items when they go out for a set amount of time. This light-hearted punishment idea will make them remember it for a long time.

#8. Do some exercises

When your child does something wrong, you can quantify your punishments with some easy exercises to burn off their robust energy. For example, saying foul words will result in 10 jumping jacks, purposely breaking stuff will get them to run 10 laps around the house, and such.

Final thoughts

When it comes to discipline, it’s important to remember that the goal is not to punish your child but rather to teach them appropriate behaviours and boundaries.

By using positive punishment ideas, you can help your child learn appropriate behaviours, build their self-esteem, and strengthen your relationship with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of writing lines punishment?

Writing lines is a traditional form of punishment that involves writing a sentence or phrase repeatedly as a consequence of misbehaviour. The sentence or phrase is usually related to the bad deed and is meant to teach the child a lesson.

Here is an example of a writing lines punishment for a child who has been caught lying:
“I will always tell the truth, even when it’s hard.”

The child might be required to write this sentence multiple times, such as 50 or 100 times, as a way to reinforce the importance of honesty and the consequences of lying.

What are good punishments for 14-year-olds?

If your 14-year-old misbehaves, consider these ideas:

  • Make them fix it or replace it. If they broke something or hurt someone, having them fix the problem teaches responsibility. Say Jimmy broke a friend’s bike. Make him spend his savings buying parts to repair it. He’ll think twice next time!
  • Assign community service. Give your teens a chance to think beyond themselves. If they skipped class, volunteer work shows them the value of helping others. Mary ditched school? Have her deliver meals to elderly neighbours for a weekend. She’ll understand the impact of her actions.

Most importantly, discipline with love. Punishments work best when they fit your child’s personality and maturity. Focus on positive reinforcement too – praise the good choices. When our kids mess up, it’s a chance for them to grow wiser with our guidance.

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