Enhanced Content and Features to Make Your Site Pop


Do you know how to enhance the content and features of the website? A business’s website is one of its strongest assets. It can help connect a business with its customers, help connect it to new audiences, and drive profits. You may already have a site online, but is it doing everything it could be? Check out these content strategies that can really make your business’s site stand above the rest.

Enhance Content and Features of the Website

Blog Content

Having a blogging section on a site and posting regular content provides a variety of benefits. It can help increase traffic to a site, increase a site’s appearance in search engine results, attract customers, showcase how a business’s products or services can be used, explain the benefits of products and services to potential customers, and help a business stand out from its competitors.

Blogs should be written from a place of knowledge, but with an engaging tone that will attract readers. Consider different and creative angles to approach topics relevant to your business. Utilize keywords and implement a search engine optimization strategy to ensure your blog is helping to drive traffic to your site. If you’re unsure how to best write for SEO, aren’t sure you have time to create quality content on a regular basis, or don’t feel comfortable writing, invest in a monthly blog writing service. These services use professional writers to write content that will fit your site and have strict quality standards, so you’ll always be getting worthwhile content.


Whether it’s a dedicated testimonials page, scrolling highlights featured on a home page, or customer reviews placed on a product’s page, testimonials have a lot of power. Consumers trust each other, to tell the truth about their experiences with a product or service, meaning testimonials can have a significant positive impact on your site. They can also help you build a relationship with existing customers.

To generate testimonials to feature on your site, try sending follow-up e-mails with a link to fill out a review to people who have recently ordered a product or used a service. Specific prompts like “What’s your favorite feature of this product?” or “Did our service providers leave your home as clean as they found it?” can help customers write reviews more easily than blank boxes, and can help you direct reviews to highlight features of your business that you’re most proud of. You could also offer incentives for people who agree to provide testimonials, such as a percentage of their next order. Just be sure to be transparent about these practices so you don’t appear as though you’re paying for positive reviews.

Contact Pages

Providing contact pages is critical to engaging with customers. This page should include standard information like a business’s address, phone number, and contact e-mail. To step up a contact page, include call-to-action buttons that generate contact forms so potential customers can submit inquiries directly from the site, rather than having to copy and paste the contact e-mail into their preferred e-mail system.

One contact feature that more and more customers are looking for is live chat support. Studies have shown that as many as 41% of consumers prefer live chat for contacting businesses. Live chat can feel more immediate than e-mail, giving consumers less time to find what they’re looking for from a competitor. Consider putting a chat call to action button not only on your contact page but on your homepage and FAQ page as well. This makes it clear to consumers that there is an easy, fast, and accessible way to get any questions they may have answered.

Your website is a powerful tool for your business. Make sure it’s doing all it can for you with great content that sets it apart from the competition. Hope you like the article on enhance content and features of the website. Do share it with your friends.

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