What are the Best Plagiarism Removers for SEO Content?


Plagiarism is a very big issue that SEO writers have to deal with. Every time they have to write an article or a blog post, they have to make sure that they don’t accidentally or deliberately copy anything from a previously published source.

In fact, plagiarism is so much avoided that writers mostly use plagiarism checkers to detect if there is any accidental duplication in their content.

However, apart from checking for plagiarism, steps should also be taken to remove it. And that is where plagiarism removers come in.

What are Plagiarism Removers?

Plagiarism removers have a similar working to paraphrasing tools. Basically, plagiarism removers change the words and phrases in the given text to make it different from the original but while retaining the same meaning and context.

However, these tools are different from simple rewriters and paraphrasers because the purpose of using these is not to just rewrite some old content. 

Rather, the purpose is to remove duplication and plagiarism from the given text so that it becomes unique.

How and Where to Find High-Quality Plagiarism Removers for SEO Content?

While plagiarism removers can be highly useful for SEO writers, the issue can arise when it comes to finding them.

There are different plagiarism removers that you can find on the internet nowadays. However, not all of them are worth using. Some of them can end up just wasting your time and not helping you take care of plagiarism at all.

In this article, we will list some plagiarism removers that you can use for your content. 

However, before that, we also want to point out some factors and aspects that you should generally check for in a plagiarism-removing tool to make sure that it is worth using.

  • Freedom of Access

The first thing that you should see in a plagiarism remover is whether or not it is free to use. Investing money in a plagiarism remover is not exactly wise, and it is far better to opt for a free-to-use tool.

  • Functionality

Then, you should check and see how the tool actually functions. You should check this by entering some sample text and seeing how the tool makes changes to it.

A good tool will make extensive changes to the given text but at the same time, it will not wreck the original sense. However, a bad tool will just alter a couple of words here and there.

  • File Upload and Download Formats

When you want to remove plagiarism from your files, you want to make sure that the process is done quickly and seamlessly.

An ideal plagiarism remover tool will support various file formats and it also allows the user to download the completed file in the same formatting.

Some Excellent Plagiarism Removers That You Can Use for SEO Content

Here are some plagiarism removers that you can use for your SEO content.

1. Plagiarismremover

This is a very popular and well-known website in the plagiarism remover category. Although it comes with some other content optimization utilities as well, its main offering is the plagiarism remover.

The reason why we are mentioning this tool at number one is because it is free to use, and it does not even require its users to sign up first.

You can simply load the tool up and import your content to it.

Once done, you can select a mode and click on the ‘Remove Plagiarism’ button to start the process.

The changes made in the text will be done according to the mode you have selected. 

Once the process is complete, you can download the results to your device in the standard ‘.txt’ or ‘.docx’ format. To use the content instantly, you can also just copy it to your clipboard.

2. Article rewriter

Articlerewriter.net is mainly a paraphrasing and rewriting tool. However, it has a ‘Plagiarism Remover’ mode in its rewriting tool which can serve the same function as a traditional plagiarism remover.

To use this mode, all you need to do is navigate to the home page of Articlerewriter.net. Then, once you are at the homepage, enter your content in the input space provided at the center of the interface.

Then, select the ‘Plagiarism Remover’ mode from the top of the box and start the process.

After doing this, you will be able to make your content unique and free from plagiarism.

Like Plagiarismremover.net, this tool is also free to use and it does not require any sort of registration.


For bloggers, finding plagiarism in their content can be a hassle on its own. However, after finding it, they also have to take the necessary steps to remove it.

To make this process easier, plagiarism-removing tools can be used. In this post, 

We looked at two free, web-based tools that you can use for this purpose. Both are free and can be used even by unregistered users.

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