Benefits of a Toll-Free Number


Toll-free telephone numbers, better known as 800 numbers, are a great asset to any business, due to the variety of benefits they have. They can enhance your organization in various different ways, giving you a professional edge over your competitors. From boosting customer satisfaction to improving credibility, here are some of the critical benefits having a toll-free number can bring.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Having an 800 number can boost your customer satisfaction in a multitude of different ways. The main reason is that having a number makes it far easier for customers and potential customers to get in touch with you, especially if they’re not familiar with the internet. This can really help with customer service particularly, as it now makes your business open to respond to queries and issues any time of the day, from any geographical location, and the most critical part, it won’t cost the customers a thing to call you, which can go a long way into boosting your public perception. As well as a website, social media, and email, a phone number provides yet another way for customers to reach you, making it more likely that they remain a customer in the long run.

They’re Memorable

Toll-free numbers are far more memorable than regular numbers, especially if it’s a vanity number. These are numbers that include phone words that link to the business, which helps boost the company’s marketing while also making it easy to remember.

With these types of numbers, it makes people far more likely to call you, which can help generate more sales as well as be an immensely powerful marketing tool for your business. To learn more about what 800 numbers can do your business, Kall8 has you covered.


800 numbers are a great way to make a small business feel established and more trustworthy, which is beneficial as it will help you attract more customers. Unlike regular numbers, toll-free numbers are not tied down to a specific geographical location with an area code, which can help make your business fell more global. This can increase your potential reach as with these numbers, anyone can call you from anywhere at any time. 800 numbers are an excellent way to legitimize your company.

Another feature of 800 numbers that boost credibility is the fact that you can forward calls to appropriate numbers. This means that you can create a menu board that can direct callers to the most appropriate member of staff to deal with their query or issue more effectively. This ability to forward calls also helps make your business more portable, as 800 numbers can forward calls to mobiles, or any other phone, regardless of your geographical location. This means that if you’re planning on moving, you can take this number with you, which helps ensure that no customers are lost in this transition.

It’s a Marketing Tool

As well as using the number to help with branding, toll-free numbers can also be used to aid with marketing and analytics. These numbers can have extensions added to them, which can track where these calls are coming from, which can be used to see the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. One number can be used for print, while another can be used for your business’s website, meaning that you can use these numbers to evaluate your entire marketing and focus more on what is working while making adjustments to what isn’t.


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