The Best 5 YouTube Channels for Inspiration in 2021


Do you know about the best YouTube channels for inspiration? This post is a paid advertisement sponsored by Diamond Bloggers. The power of video online is undeniable. Did you know that 86% of businesses now use video content for marketing?

YouTube itself understands this and so they have released “brand accounts” to help accommodate this. The fact is video is now one of the prime forms of marketing and understanding how businesses achieve success here can help you accomplish great things.

5 Best YouTube Channels for Inspiration


LEGO doesn’t just target its content at children. It also targets its content for adults. This brand shares original content, but it goes much further than that. They place a huge emphasis on community-generated content. They encourage people to interact and send in images and videos of their creations.

If you want to learn about marketing and the online community, this is one of the best company channels to learn how it’s done.

2. Davison Inventions

Do you love hearing about the latest innovations? If so, you might enjoy Davison Inventions is the company’s YouTube channel for you.

This channel showcases some of the latest inventions from their clients. If you want to be inspired by ordinary people bringing big ideas to life, every video is an example of that. Like LEGO, they also focus heavily on user-generated content, so you can learn and evolve alongside them.

3. Vat19

Every entrepreneur wants to create something different. Standing out from the crowd is easier said than done.

One brand that has perfected this is Vat19. With more than two billion active users on YouTube, you need to work hard to create videos that nobody can look away from.
Vat19 focuses on curiously awesome gifts, including candy, toys, puzzles, and even exclusive product demos. These videos are incredibly out there, while also delivering on quality. There’s a real educational side, despite their fun takes on the products they specialize in.

4. Angry Birds

You may think that the Angry Birds craze died years ago, but their innovative video content has kept the brand alive. It’s an excellent example of how products and services can have an incredibly long lifespan.

Videos include Angry Birds aboard the International Space Station and every territory in the world. For a company with a truly global reach, this is the channel for you.

5. Disney

Despite being Disney, you won’t find any animations or movies on its YouTube channel. Instead, you’ll find tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos. In many ways, Disney has created a separate brand underneath the overall Disney banner.

This shows that even if you’re not delivering an actual product on YouTube you can still deliver engaging content. By showing who you are as a person or as a brand you can still command a loyal following.

Last Word

While it can be difficult to compete with the myriad of channels on YouTube, these company channels are excellent sources of inspiration for any new channel.

Keeping tabs on what the big players on YouTube are doing is good practice. Try to match what they do and consider how you might alter your YouTube channel to enchant your target audience.

Hope you like the article on the best youtube channels for inspiration. Which company YouTube channels are you inspired by in 2021?

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