Top 5 Things to Consider When Writing an Essay


Essay writing is a fundamental process for high school, college, and university students. Writing an essay requires time and energy. You simply can’t afford to be bad at it, as you won’t be able to cope with any discipline and any written assignment because most of them are finally based on writing an essay. There are different types of essays and, of course, there are specific rules for writing each of them. Composing an argumentative essay differs from dealing with a position paper, etc. However, there is also a common ground, things you should consider when writing any essay.

What to Consider When Writing an Essay

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Storytelling Never Dies

Telling stories has been efficient for thousands of years. Every religion, every culture, every civilization tells its own story. The best storytellers become not only famous writers but also politicians, rebels, doctors, etc. To make people interested, you need to tell a story. Try to look at your essay from a storytelling point — think of it as a movie. Even if the topic is boring, try to make some sort of strangely exciting art-house film. Your topic is the main hero. Limitations are “villains.” Only you decide whether this story has a happy ending. Use abstracts to develop a plot and remember that your plot should not be scattered — one thought should be logically followed by another. Changing focus will help you be more engaged in writing and definitely will impress your professor.

Formatting Matters

No matter what level and kind of essay you need to deal with, don’t forget about formatting — your document should look decent. Consider it as a legal manipulation, not a daunting obligation. You manipulate your professor with meticulously formatted papers because even if your “story” is not very well-thought-out, it is much harder to give a bad mark to a neatly prepared document. And the reverse, if your amazing thoughts are in a mess, in-text citations are missing and the work cited page looks irritating, the professor won’t pay attention only to the content. Leave at least an hour to deal with formatting, better two.

Note Down References Right Away

When looking for references for your paper, don’t think that using some of them you can find them later to make citations. It is a common mistake, and it can kill several hours, which you can handle much more efficiently. Once you find the information you consider exciting and potentially suitable for your essay, note it down entirely, with a link, authors, etc. You can even use the citation generator immediately — this way you will have all your citations ready in case the deadline is too close, and you need to submit your paper fast.

Read Your Text Aloud

When reading aloud, you spot twisted sentences, awkward phrases, and too-extended abstracts. Remember, one sentence should take no more than one average breadth. If you lack air in your lungs to finish reading one sentence, you need to split it into two or even three. Reading aloud also helps spot problems with the logic of narration. If there is someone ready to listen to you — it’s perfect! Listen to his or her critical comments without adverse reaction. All writers have editors and correctors, so be grateful for the help and improve your writing accordingly.

Use Online Assistants

When you are done with writing, address online assistants for help. Start with grammar and spelling checkers. It is better to use two or three of them as they have different algorithms and spot different mistakes. Later, choose several plagiarism checkers and make sure your text is fully original. It won’t hurt if you check all your citations using a professional citation generator. Most of these services are free, so you shouldn’t worry about the budget.

Writing an essay requires time and energy, and it is possible that you often can’t assess the time you need to deal with the assignment. It is logical and common because people tend to overestimate the power they will have “tomorrow” if compared to the power they have “today.” Today think that Tomorrow-You will spend six hours in a row without distraction to write an essay in question, so Today-You can rest before that, watch something on Netflix, or go out.


However, tomorrow comes, but you are still the same — you don’t gain any superpowers overnight. So try not to postpone small tasks until they become a huge problem. Make a short list of steps you need to take to deal with the standard essay and analyze how much time each takes. count not the time “perfect you” would spend on it, but rely only on a “real you.” This way you will have a realistic picture in your mind, avoid disappointment, and finish your academic paper on time. If you want to know the tricks for writing an essay quickly, you should read this article tool.

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