10 Tips for Graphic Designers in the Digital Marketing Industry


With the globalization coming into being competition amongst people have increased. What also have increased are opportunities and the use of technology. It takes the right person to grab the opportunity and make vital use of it. The increased use of technology along with competition has impacted one person’s job to a large extent, and that is graphic designers

The basic job of a graphic designer is to create visual concepts using computer software, to make people aware of a particular idea as well as inspire them, inform them and most importantly captivate them. This is what a career of a Best graphic designers includes, but in the world of commotion, to be successful you can’t be ordinary, rather are forced to think out of the box. Mentioned below are some tips mentioned, to make you different from the ordinary, making you stand out of the crowd.

1. Shortcuts are the Key to Success

As a graphic designer is aware of all the shortcuts present, which will help you make work faster as well as more efficient. However, if you are just too busy or too lazy to learn all of them you also have another option which is assigning your shortcut key for your specific action.

2. All About your Designs

Are you still confused about what kind of designs should one put up? Should it be simple or complex? Well, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of the other new emerging social Media. It will always be subtle, simple yet unique things that will attract your customers. Being a graphic designer show your skills in those simple yet unique.

3. Information + Graphics= Infographics

A key for every graphic designer to attract its customers is Infographics. Infographics make your text attractive, increases its readability, and thereby more and more people reading it. That is what you want after all, don’t you?

4. The World of Colors

Colors play a major role in every person’s life so how can they not play here? Graphic designers need to keep in mind the science of Colors. What is to be used where, how and which shade of that color. If we talk about social media, try using contrasting Colors as they are the ones always catching the eyes of a person active on social media. You should also try saving some of the color palettes.

5. Series

Whenever you plan on designing something for social media platforms, as a graphic designer keeps in mind that it is always better to have parts or series of that post, on that topic. This will not only save you time to work on other deadlines but also have a better reach than regular creative.

6. Style your Work

The font you use, the size of your font, the consistency of your text, all of it matters. Avoid using fonts like HObST, Comic Sans. These fonts are seen as unprofessional and hence should be avoided. Rather a graphic designer should always prefer fonts like New Times Roman, Helvetica. These are comparatively considered formal and professional.

7. Plan

Things once graphic designer hands over print designs to its clients; they will expect regular updates. Therefore a graphic designer is always advised to keep Photoshop mockups to make things easier for himself/herself as well as give your clients an idea of how they will look at the specific medium.

8. Colors and its Themes

Depending on the type of environment a graphic designer is working for, you should adjust the color themes should be adjusted. Such as when making for a cooperate presentation one should using subtle and simple to make it appealing. You should also focus on the guidelines mentioned about the same. Ultimately a graphic designer’s aim should be to make it look appealing.

9. Balance is Always Important

Keeping space empty and balanced always makes things look sophisticated, simple hi-profile and classy. This will eventually help the graphic designer sell more and more of its products by attracting more and more people.

10. Call-to-Action

A graphic designer providing its client with an option to buy the thing then and there can never lead to people not visiting your site and at least taking a look at the product. Therefore making it important to be included.

Apart from some these main tips and guidance a graphic designer should also keep in mind other factors such as fixing color issues of our images, illustrating information it spaces and icon, adding of transparent icons, matching colors and its designs, choosing consistency in your elements, etc. but also remember not all can be used at once. They would be completely dependent on the place and environment you are using it in.


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