Heat Pump or Furnace – Which is Best for Your Home?


There are many options that one can opt for when they hope to heat up their homes. However, the process of choosing the right heating system can be very overwhelming. These are the various points that one has to take note in order to make the right choice.

A heat pump is a segment that is part of a central heating and cooling system. It uses the air outside to both heat a home in winter and cool it in summer. Thus serving as a dual purpose. Hence, the heat pump acts as an air conditioner when the surroundings get hot and a heater when it gets colder on the outside. This makes the heat pumps a very versatile product. Apart from its flexibility the heat pumps are also extremely energy-efficient. They serve as a heat transporter which constantly moves warm air from one region to another. This is very useful in the winter as well as the pump extracts heat from the outdoor air or the ground. This then distributes it to the homes. During summer, the hot air from inside the home is removed and this creates a cooler indoor environment.

A furnace is part of the central heating and cooling system. This helps to convert fuel into cozy heat. This is then transported throughout the home. In case of repair, like the heating repair in San Diego individuals can seek the helps of professionals. All furnaces consist of four main components namely, the burners that transport and burn fuel, the heat exchangers, a blower and finally a flue that acts as an exhaust for the gaseous by-products. This however, depends upon the situation, region and needs of people. They can choose from heating systems functioning on either gas or oil as fuel.

Dual fuel systems help to blend the best features of a gas furnace and a heat pump. A dual fuel system consists of both a heat pump and a gas furnace. This will then operate the heat pump during the milder temperatures when the heat pump is more efficient. When the outdoor temperature gets colder, then the system will immediately switch over to the gas furnace. This not only gives the homeowner the best comfort in their homes, but it helps to switch back and forth between the heat pump and the gas furnace. This depends on its efficiency hence helps to save the homemakers a large amount of money.

Next is the overall installation cost of the furnace, heating repair in San Diego or the dual fuel system. This completely depends on the home’s compatibility and the current system setup. For instance, some of the homes may not have access to facilities like natural gas. Thus, this makes the process of installing the air conditioner and the furnace a more expensive alternative. This makes it costly to have a heat pump system. Alternatively, for the houses that are not wired for the heating, this might result in the heat pump system which incur additional costs. Hence, the dealer is an excellent resource for determining which type of method is the best for the home. They also can help further explain these installation costs in detail. Hence, by using these the energy efficiency increases rapidly. They can help to save substantially on the fuel consumption.

The same Indoor Air Quality decisions are made for both the heat pump or gas furnace system. The products like the whole-home air cleaner or the fresh air ventilator are great alternatives when it comes to maximizing the air quality at home.

A gas furnace burns the fuel so that it can produce heat on the coldest days. However, if the external air temperature continuously falls below freezing then a heat pump may have a hard time producing enough heat to keep the home warm. In addition to that the supplemental systems are present to work in tandem with the heat pump repair in San Diego. This can then kick in on the coldest days. However, these systems use a lot of energy which results in eliminating the energy-efficient benefits if it is used too often. Hence, a dual fuel system can manage both mild and below-freezing temperatures. This can switch between the heat sources depending on the outdoor temperature and the home heating requirements.

In general, the air from a heat pump is not as hot as that compared to the air from the furnace. It has the ability to warm the home, but the air it blows is much cooler. However, in contrast to the hot and dry air of a furnace, the heat pumps circulate air that is naturally humid. Hence, they will not dry out of the skin as much as that of the heat of a furnace.

It is important to note that every home and homeowner has different needs. There are some general recommendations that can help individuals decide what heating source is right for them or they can seek help from the various services like the heat pump repair in San Diego.


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