Who is Responsible for Self-Driving Car Accidents?


Do you know about Self-Driving Car Accidents and who is responsible for this? In this article, we will tell you everything.

The automotive industry is incredibly innovative. Thanks to this, autonomous cars are no longer science fiction, and it now looks like they will be an integral part of the future of automobiles worldwide. However, this technology is still far from perfect. As you may know, Companies like Uber, Tesla, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet are investing heavily in this technology. So it may only be a matter of time before most of us are using a robocar to get around.

Self-driving cars will bring several considerable benefits. For example, people with disabilities, such as the blind, will enjoy greater independence. Also, it may reduce transportation costs significantly. But perhaps the greatest benefit will be minimizing the risks inherent in driving.

Government data estimates that more than 94% of car accidents are due to human error. Considering this reality, it is estimated that autonomous cars could significantly reduce car accidents in the coming years.

However, this Los Angeles car accident lawyer notes that even though autonomous cars are safer, that doesn’t mean they are risk-free. Furthermore, the legal professional points out that determining fault in driverless vehicle accidents will be a major legal challenge in the coming years. Knowing this, an interesting question arises: if an autonomous car causes a car crash, who will be liable for the damages? Read on to find out the answers.

Who is responsible when an autonomous car hurts people?

As you can imagine, this issue is still far from straightforward. During the last few years, several incidents involving autonomous cars have sparked multiple discussions on the subject. In general, the responsibility for this type of accident is usually linked to one or more of 4 alternatives:

Human error: even when it comes to autonomous cars, human error remains the leading possible cause. Even the most advanced technology cannot protect the world from negligent, reckless, or inexperienced drivers. At the end of the day, a human being is in control of the vehicle. Suppose the driver ignores the system’s alerts or misuses the technology. In that case, the driver may be at fault for the accident.

Technology malfunction: It is important to remember that humans also make self-driving vehicles, so they too can malfunction. As in any standard car, brakes may be damaged, a tire may blow out, the engine may be defective, or other parts of the vehicle may falter at a crucial moment. If a driverless vehicle malfunctions for some reason and causes an accident, the manufacturer may be partly responsible for the incident.

Lax government oversight: The government might allow automobile companies to test their cars on public roads. But if one of these test vehicles ends up causing an accident, the victim could pursue a claim against the government for exposing the public to this unreasonable risk.

Bad design: Perhaps the problem stems from the design of the car itself. As mentioned earlier, autonomous vehicles are still far from perfect. A company may be testing a new concept and end up creating a car that is prone to fail in critical situations.

If you are the victim of a driverless vehicle accident, consulting with a Los Angeles car accident attorney, such as C&B Law Group, is essential for your claim to have a chance of success. The laws surrounding these incidents are uncertain, so you will need all the legal help you can get.

What damages can you recover?

If you are the victim of a self-driving vehicle accident, you may be able to receive the following damages through a personal injury claim:

Medical expenses: The responsible party, or their insurance company, will have to pay for all of your short and long-term medical costs.

Property damage: If your car was damaged during the accident, the responsible party would have to pay for repairs to your vehicle. Plus, they will have to reimburse you for any other economic damages caused by the accident.

Pain and suffering: Car accidents can be traumatic and unpleasant experiences. Therefore, you will also be entitled to compensation for any pain and suffering you experience from the incident.

Lost wages: You will probably be unable to work while recovering. Therefore, the responsible party will have to cover your lost wages during your rehabilitation.

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