Top 10 Programming Languages Developers Learning in Future


There wasn’t enough competition for the coding programming languages until tech giants haven’t created own programming languages for their platforms. So, things have changed now. Most of the developers have carried on their professions with the skills of 1 or 2 languages only. But since companies like Google and Apple have introduced their programming languages and are influencing to use them in the app development projects for their OS platforms, developers have now started to consider learning these new programming languages, too. And it’s good for them; particularly when learning just one programming language could severally limit your choices in your developer career, as a report from Coding Dojo says. Also, not even a single company from the latest list of Fortune 500 depends on single a language for the development of products and services offered by them; on average, companies rely on four different languages at least.

HackerRank recently surveyed 39,000 developers and concluded that average developers know four programming languages and want to learn four more in the future. The respondents to the survey also named Python as the most popular language. The languages that most of the developers flock to are as follows.

Top 10 Coding Languages that Developers Say they Plan to Learn Next

Most of the developers want to learn Go as it offers them with high concurrency, rapid compilation and extensive support from Google.

We can easily assume the popularity of Python just by the fact that there were 5,000 jobs posted last year for Python developers. Python is generally the most common language for scientific computing, data mining and machine learning.

Roby on Rails
With Twitter’s early reliance on Ruby on Rails, other companies have also started to create their software solutions based on this language. It’s a cost-effective alternative.

Google has coined Kotlin as an open-source, statically-typed alternative to Java, for Android application development. Google officially launched Kotlin in May 2017.

The Ruby’s popularity has dropped in the market; however, many developers are still learning the language due to its capability support in the rapid development of websites and apps.

When it comes to developing statistical software and data analysis for data-miners, R is the best language and framework available in the market. We are seeing large surges in the use of the language R in recent year.

Typescript has continually been generating steady growth in the last couple of year as of the findings of Stack Overflow. Microsoft has developed this open source language as the syntactical superset of JavaScript.

Swift is the latest language brought in by Apple as the replacement of Objective-C. Developers have now started to move to this language as well.

Google Trends data has shown that the Rust is steadily getting popularity. As of a study of Stack Overflow, Rust is the most loved language by developers.

Haskell is also getting constant popularity as a functional programming language. Also, it offers a training ground where developers can test new ideas.


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