Pourquoi les athlètes ont-ils besoin de médicaments stimulant la testostérone ?


A beautiful and athletic body is a dream for most men and an adoration for women. Statistics show that athletic men are much more likely to find a life partner than men with an average body shape. But this aspect is not the only one that pushes a large number of people to storm the gyms, follow a special diet, and enrich their bodies with vitamins. The reason for all these activities is the love of sports and the desire to improve.

Testosterone plays an important role in shaping your body. Everyone knows today that this hormone is a male vector. In the human body, testosterone is not only capable of giving determination, leadership, confidence, and a competitive spirit, but it is also an indispensable component in the formation of endurance.

The benefits of testosterone in sport

It is the prospect of increasing your own body’s physical capacity that attracts athletes to take testosterone supplements.

Sports doctors say that testosterone is an essential element for any bodybuilder or athlete. It improves your body’s endurance during intense exercise and at the same time helps you relax the muscles after exercise. This combination allows athletes to train much faster and without fear of overtraining. In addition to its main effect, it has many other advantages in sports life:

  • it accelerates the growth of muscle mass;
  • it has a psychological effect on people, motivating them to achieve better results;
  • it promotes faster muscle formation.

You have to agree that it’s a pretty attractive prospect. To achieve them, many athletes take testosterone bodybuilding injections.

Cytomel in preparation for competitions

T3  Cytomel does not belong to the group of organic androgenic steroids but is produced artificially. Its properties are similar to those of the hormone produced by the thyroid gland. It is worth remembering that the thyroid gland produces two types of hormones: L-thyroxine (aka LT-4) and L-T3.

Cytomel is an artificial analog of LT-3. As mentioned above, its properties are similar to the natural hormone and it produces the same effect on the body. Of the two hormones mentioned above, LT is the more potent; therefore, Cytomel is superior to all L-thyroxine preparations.

A great advantage of Cytomel is its rapid action. Traditional medicine uses it to combat obesity, and athletes cannot ignore such a powerful product. Taking it significantly improves the metabolism of these three nutrients, allowing you to use a less restrictive eating plan to achieve your goals.

Often used by athletes throughout the year, it helps them stay in good shape without resorting to rigid diets.