Most Common Reasons for Sleep-Talking


Do you know what are the reasons for Sleep talking? How it can be reduced? You need to follow a balanced diet and schedule. Sleeptalking is a sleep disorder and is medically known as somniloquy.

It is a term used for talking while a person is asleep. Most people who sleep talk are unaware that they are doing so. The conversation can be a bunch of sentences, monologues, ramblings, or sometimes complete gibberish. Sleep talkers usually speak to themselves, but in some cases, they will be carrying on a previous conversation. They generally do not speak for more than 30 seconds; some may talk many times in a night.

Sleep talking is something that can happen to anybody but is most common in children and males. Generally, it is not a cause for great worry as it is short-lived. As the people who sleep talk are unaware of it and do not remember what was said, it may sound different from normal speech. Normally, it is spontaneous but one can induce a conversation too.

Symptoms Of Sleep Talking

If you are sleeping alone, then it is hard for you to tell if you are sleep-talking as most of the time you don’t remember doing anything like that. It is found only when you shout during the night and wake someone up or the person you are sharing the room with complaints about it. It can happen during any sleep stage if it happens in phases 1 and two the sleep is light, and hence the speech will be more understandable and may carry out conversations. In stages 3 and four which is a deeper sleep stage, it will mostly be gibberish.

Causes For Sleep Talking

There is no scientific backing linking sleep talking to dreams, but most people think so. It can happen in any sleep stage, is self-inducing, and typically causes no harm to the health of the person who is sleep-talking. But it is a parasomnia type that can be an indicator of other sleep disorders like sleep terrors and RBD which causes shouting episodes or act violently in the night for some people. People who suffer from night terrors or sleep terrors kick, thrash, and scream in the night, and waking them from that state is hard. Kids who suffer from this disorder also sleepwalk along with sleep talking.

Other disorders are NS-RED or nocturnal sleep-related eating disorders where a person is asleep and eats.

Other causes can be

  • Fever
  • Medication
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Emotional or physical Stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sleep talking can also be heredity and is seen in your family history, though it seems to
    get triggered by external factors.


Usually, there is no need for a treatment for sleep talking. But if it happens often, is severe, and is continuing for a long time then you should talk to your doctor about it. The health care professional will help in determining the cause of this issue. It can be any sleep disorder, stress, or other underlying medical problems.

There are a few ways to reduce sleep talking though there is no foolproof way of getting rid of it. It is necessary to get enough sleep and reduce stress and anxiety levels. It is also a good idea to invest in a good mattress from WakeFit as you may lack sleep due to the mattress’s condition. Natural memory foam mattresses in India can give you the best-undisturbed sleep.

Sleep talking can be reduced by getting good quality sleep, and that can happen when you follow a regular sleep schedule by waking and sleeping at the same time every day, avoiding distractions by limiting the use of electronic devices, following sleep hygiene, avoiding heavy meals, restrict consuming alcohol and also avoiding stress. For a bed partner or roommate, the use of earplugs or the help of white noise like a fan helps get adequate sleep.

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