How To Get Along With Your First Vaping Experience


The world of vaping is very fun and interesting. And if you are willing to step into it, to enjoy those delicious flavors and play with that smoke, you will need some guidance to make your first experience a memory. So, given below are a few tips to help you get along with your first vaping experience.

Get a suitable device

There is a large variety of vaping devices available in the market that not only differ in their intricate and interesting shapes and designs but also in their features. The two basic kinds of vaping devices are vaping mods and pens. Vape mods come with a powerful battery and produce denser vapors. Vape pens are sleek and lightweight and are thus suitable for daily use.

Get the right dosage

Electronic juices come with variable strength of nicotine. You can choose the drug concentration according to your capacity. A dose of 3mg is advised for light smokers and that of 20mg for heavy smokers. You can also go for zero nicotine fluid if you just wish to enjoy that flavor and play tricks with the smoke. Also, you will have to choose between the liquids with different ratios of PG and VG as they produce various kinds of vape clouds. Propylene glycol provides a more intense flavor and that ‘throat hit,’ while vegetable glycerin helps produce dense smoke.

Choose among the variety of flavors

One of the best things about e-cigs is the intense and exciting flavors that the vape fluids are available in. These fluids are heated to evaporate into flavored smoke that gives you that delicious ‘throat hit.’ You can choose among a variety of flavors like strawberry, blueberry, cola, coffee, bubblegum, etc. You should always purchase only the best quality e-juices as the cheaper ones are not only hard on your health, but they also aren’t able to deliver the best taste. You can also check this vape shop to find the best variety of vape liquids and devices.

Know how to maintain your tank

Now that you’ve decided to commence vaping, you must know how to work with your vape tank. You must clean your tank after every use under running water or with unflavoured vodka to avoid the mixing of different flavors. Go for a glass material vape tank and not the plastic ones to avoid that awful plastic and chemical taste in intense flavors like mint and menthol.

Know how to handle vape juice

Vape juices need to be taken care of as they are made up of different chemicals. Make sure that you store them in air-tight containers. Also, don’t put them in direct sunlight as exposure to atmospheric air and heat can break down the liquid components and thus make the juice distasteful. When going for acidic or citric juices, make sure you pour them in a glass container and not the plastic one as such strong fluids can react with the plastic walls of the tank.

Charge the battery

You would not want your vape battery to die in between that vaping session and spoil your mood. So, charge the battery fully to keep your vaping session going. Also, you can store some extra batteries in the vaping kit so you can use them if the first one dies.
Check for any leaks

Vape tanks get leaked if they are not held correctly or if they are damaged. Thus, you must check the tank for any leaks before you begin vaping. You should also carry a wipe or some tissue papers while you are heading to your vaping space so you can quickly clean any spills, in case they happen.

Find your space

Now that you are ready with your vaping kit, you just have to find the perfect spot to begin your vaping session. Different states have different laws for smoking that you will have to research to find an ideal place for yourself. However, since vaping is not smoking, and it doesn’t have any adverse impacts on the environment, there are no specific laws prohibiting people from vaping in public spaces. Once you find your corner, you are all set. Go ahead and have fun.


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