The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Veterans Disability Attorneys


If you are a veteran seeking disability benefits, you must understand the complexities of this system. Having an attorney by your side is a good idea to make things easier. They can help you file your claim and provide evidence that may be needed for an appeal. When choosing veteran disability attorneys, consider the following factors:


Whether you need to file an initial claim or an appeal, the VA claims process can be complicated. You need an attorney who understands the ins and outs of veterans’ disability law.

Veterans are often frustrated with how much red tape they have to jump through to get their benefits. A veteran disability lawyer can help you navigate the process and ensure you have the best chance of success. Skilled veterans disability attorneys can explain how your injury or illness affects your daily life and how that relates to your service experience. They also know how to communicate that information to decision-makers at the VA who may not have first-hand knowledge of your situation.


A VA disability attorney should be able to explain their fee structure in detail. Federal regulations limit how much attorneys can charge for helping with an initial filing or appealing a decision. Generally, VA disability attorneys work on a contingency basis and are paid only when they receive a favorable outcome to the claim.

VA disability lawyers can also help with various appeals, such as requesting a higher-level review from the Board of Veterans Affairs or arguing for an earlier effective date for benefits. This way, they can prevent costly mistakes and ensure the process moves forward as efficiently as possible. In addition, they can build a case that decision-makers will understand and appreciate. This can significantly improve the chances of winning an appeal.


Many veterans’ disability attorneys use aggressive advertising campaigns to market themselves as experts in the field. But experience in other areas of law, like personal injury or Social Security, does not necessarily translate to expertise in veterans’ disability law.

Whether or not an attorney has a good reputation can have a big impact on the outcome of your case. The best way to gauge an attorney’s reputation is to see what their clients say about them. While testimonials are not a surefire way to predict how well an attorney will perform in your case, they can help you determine whether or not they are the right fit for you.


It is important for a veteran to feel comfortable with their attorney and firm. After all, they will work together for quite a while, especially on appeals cases.

Whether filing an initial disability claim or going through the VA’s Appeals Process, a skilled veterans disability attorney can turn the tide of a case in your favor. They can help you gather evidence, including supporting medical examinations from medical professionals outside the VA. They can also assist in acquiring buddy statements and other forms of documentation that can be used as evidence.

You should not hire an attorney who treats you like a number or makes false promises. Ensure you are confident in your decision and understand the fee structure before hiring an attorney.


Veterans who suffer from a mental health disorder, respiratory disorder, or other injury that resulted from military service may be eligible for disability benefits. This includes a tax-free monthly allowance and financial support for medical care and daily living activities.

Without a veteran disability lawyer, navigating the VA’s claims process can be difficult. Costly mistakes, such as submitting inaccurate forms or providing inadequate evidence, can delay decision-making. In cases where a veteran is not satisfied with the rating they receive, they can file for an appeal. A reputable veteran disability attorney can guide you through the process, often including an in-person hearing before a veteran law judge.

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